Our Oakland Invention Development Company Lists New Year Products

Innovative Products That You Need In the New Year

A New Innovative Way to Get Around

If you live or work in the city, you probably know how traffic can be a killer. Going into the new year, save yourself some commute time and opt for a more sustainable and innovative way to get around – an electric scooter! Segway has invented the Ninebot KickScooter Air T15 to make riding around on electric scooters easier, safer, and more efficient. The award-winning scooter is designed to be portable, lightweight, can fold in half and convenient – perfect for the regular city commuter. Our Oakland invention development company loves how in one click scooter unfolds and its high tech sensors can detect the operation mode in order to automatically turn it on. The scooter comes in four riding modes based on your needs and environment making it the perfect innovative, eco-friendly, and convenient product to take with you into the New Year.

Oakland invention development company

A Life-Changing Kitchen Product Designed by Our Oakland Invention Development Company

If you plan on getting healthier this coming new year, you make already know how much preparation and dedication it takes to maintain a healthy diet. Weighing food is one way that people track their calorie intake to help lose weight. Intellipan is a genius idea that fuses both a functional cooking pan with a built-in scale to help you weigh your food while you cook. Not only is the Intellipan the perfect solution for nutrition and fitness fans but also is a smart and efficient product that can help quicken and speed up the cooking and meal prep process for people everywhere. Our Oakland invention development company loves how Intellipan is a simple and smart invention that solves a common problem that a lot of people experience.

Check out Intellipan’s client spotlight, here!

Oakland invention development company

The Perfect At-Home Gym Product to Keep You Fit

With so many focusing their new year goals on getting healthier and more in shape, it’s no surprise that we had to include an innovative and genius fitness product into our new year list. The Bodyboss 2.0 is at home gym product that is not only the perfect size to fit in any home but can also simulate virtually any type of exercise. The base mat of the product is sturdy and durable allowing you to tether cables o it. Strap the ends to a bar, handles, or wrist-straps and enjoy any exercise of your choice. Our Oakland invention development company recommends the Bodyboss is the perfect product for those who want to keep up with their exercise regimen but lack access to a gym or want to save money on buying bulky gym equipment that can take up a lot of space in their homes.

Oakland invention development company

An Efficient Juicer to Help Make Healthier Choices 

The New Year comes with new opportunities to integrate products into our life that makes our daily routines more convenient, productive and effective. If you’re looking for a way to bring a more positive change to your life, a dietary change is an awesome way to go – which can include cutting out things like caffeine or sugar! Our Oakland invention development company recommends the HW-SBF15 Juicer as a great option for a product that gives you instant juice in a minute. Instead of a morning cup of coffee or sugary drink, make your own juice with this juicer that is designed to last. The Juicer is made with a beautiful stainless steel exterior and includes a high capacity blender that can fill up to four glasses worth of juice. The LED interface makes the juicer easier to use and gives you control over the power of the juicer in order to help you made the perfect glace of juice.

Oakland invention development company

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