LGBTQ Invention Makers and Innovators Who Changed the World

LGBTQ Inventors and Innovators

It’s Pride Month! To celebrate, we want to recognize LGBTQ invention makers and innovators who, against all odds, made the world a better place for all of us. The joy that is science and innovation is something that needs to be enjoyed by all, yet there are still 69 countries in the world that criminalize homosexuality. Despite the continued discrimination and persecution the LGBTQ community faces, they have still been able to make history.

Alan Turing, LGBTQ Invention Maker and Innovator

Alan Turing

A genius invention maker and innovator, through and through. The inventor of the Turing machine. A mathematician and a scientist so brilliant and skilled that he helped defeat the Nazis by building algorithms and machines to decode top-secret German Enigma messages for British intelligence. At the end of the war, Alan shifted his efforts to build one of the very first computer designs in the world, the Automatic Computing Engine.

In 1952, he was arrested for having homosexual relations with another man, a crime at the time. Due to his criminal activities, he could no longer work for the government. Two years later, he tragically committed suicide. One can only wonder what amazing new technologies we would have seen from this brilliant invention maker and innovator had he lived past the age of 41.

George Washington Carver, LGBTQ Invention Maker and Innovator

George Washington Carver

George was an invention maker, innovator, and an exceptional American agricultural scientist. He is best known for discovering how to use peanuts and sweet potatoes to improve soil quality. In 1896, George started working for the Tuskegee Institute to help poor farmers of the rural where he invented the Jessup Wagon.

This is a horse-drawn classroom and laboratory for demonstrating soil chemistry. One of the things his innovation demonstrated was how farmers could plant a single-crop seed, such as peanuts, which had intense nitrogen fixating properties to improve soil depleted by growing cotton.

Da Vinci's sketch of a flying machine.

Leonardo Da Vinci

To end this list, here is one of the most polarizing LGBTQ invention makers and innovators. He is known around the world for his masterful pieces, the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. A master of the “napkin on a sketch.” He especially spent a great deal of time learning about aviation.

Leonardo produced over 500 sketches of various flying machines. Astoundingly, this was 100 years before the Wright Brothers built the first airplane. In his Codex on the Flight of Birds, he writes and sketches his observations and concepts of his aviation theories. These concepts would eventually be acknowledged and used in the development of airplanes.

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