Beard Tool From Our Product Design Firm in Austin in Production

The Blazing Beard Tool: Designed and Engineered by Mako Design

With all this extra time alone, we’ve been able to experiment. I guess you could say that’s one of the few positive things that came out of social distancing and isolation at home. We got to experiment with new trends and even had the time and opportunities to try a new style.

Some of us have been culprits of COVID hair. Others have been putting their time to good use and made some absolutely phenomenal inventions. We have to admit that our teams have been busy providing product design services in Austin! But by far, the most common trend we’ve noticed is people wanting to experiment with growing a beard.

Some of us on our team have definitely been guilty of this, myself included – but think Tom Hanks in Cast Away. So when I heard that the Blazing Beard Tool was going into production, I knew I had to get my hands on one!

What does it do exactly? I’m glad you asked.

When it comes to your beard, it only does everything.

MAKO Design provides product design services in Austin for our client the Blazing Beard Tool.

The Problem

Long or short, luscious or grizzled, your beard looks exactly as you intended as you exit your premises. As the hours pass by, however, things begin to unravel. You pull downwards, gently at first, on the lower hemisphere of your face in an attempt to reverse the inevitable.

Soon, like caged animals, strands stretch out rebelliously, as if they were fighting one another for a way to escape the confines of your wretched face. And like a caged animal, all you can do is watch as onlookers glance pitifully just below your nostrils at the wild and untamed.

Fortunately, there are plenty of product designs, services, and solutions. Of course, going to the barber for a touch-up is the ideal option. So excluding the regular barber visits, GQ recommends that you trim, comb and apply beard oil regularly. Others also suggest using balms to give your beard more hold and to brush it often with boar bristles.

Unfortunately, that’s a lot of stuff to carry on the go.

If only there was a Swiss army knife type of device, but for beards…

Blazing Beard Tool

The Solution

Enter our client’s brilliant Blazing Beard Tool.

Invented by one of MAKO’s clients, Andrew Newell, our team provided product design services in Austin to create a deceptively small device that houses a number of wonderfully useful tools and compartments – seven, to be exact. Each is designed to do one thing – to keep your beard beautiful even away from home.

With seven different features, it’s like having a barbershop in your palm. Measuring 5.4 inches long, 2.1 wide, and 1 inch thick, it’s also a hair narrower and thicker than an iPhone – perfect on the go. You’re going to want to trust Andrew on this one, as he’s got quite the breathtaking beard as well!

When you hold the Beard Tool, the first aspect of the product design that draws your attention is the spring-loaded comb. Like a switchblade, the comb launches with a simple click of the trigger. On each of the narrow sides of the device, you’ll find a removable compartment. One is to hold beard oil, and the other is to hold balm.

Underneath both compartments, you’ll find some useful tools for the more delicate procedures. On one side, you’ll find a pair of stainless-steel scissors to trim off any outliers. On the other side is a mustache comb. Flip it over, and you can pull out the magnetically attached boar bristle beard brush.

Hold on, we know what you’re thinking. But Andrew already has the answer. To get the most out of any of these functions, you’ll need to see what you’re doing, right? So, after you remove the boar bristle brush, take a closer look, and you’ll find a mirror in the cavity.

Imagine trying to take all these things with you on the go without the Blazing Beard Tool. 

I mean, you could always carry a fanny pack if that’s your thing. Or… you could just try out this brilliant invention.

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO today and visit our website to find out more. Or feel free to give us a call at 1-888-806-MAKO, and we can set you up on a call with our product strategist!

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