Our SF Product Design Firm's Favourite Home Office Products

Beautifully Designed Products to Spruce Up Your Home Office Part II

One of the things we learned from this pandemic is the fact that many workplaces can, in fact, transition to working from home. In fact, recent studies show that this new remote home office model has many positive impacts on the lives of employees.

FlexJobs and Mental Health America conducted a study to measure how employees felt about working from home. To no one’s surprise, 92 per cent of respondents agreed that having a flexible job would make them happier in person in general. Over 80 per cent stated that more flexibility, like working from home, for example, would allow them to take better care of their health.

Two-thirds of respondents would specifically prefer working from home full-time even after the pandemic is over. And why not? One of the perks of working from home is enjoying the confines of your own customized home office.

At the end of March, our Austin team shared some of their favourite home office products. Today, the team at our San Francisco product design firm is sharing their favourites.

Orbitkey Desk Mat

Orbitkey Desk Mat

Keep your work area neat and organized with this desk mat. It comes in medium (686 x 373 x 4.9mm) and large (896 x 423 x 4.9mm) sizes, so it’s compatible with most workspaces. The main work area is made with vegan polyurethane leather so it doubles as a smooth mouse and writing surface. Peel the leather layer over, and you’ll find the 100 per cent recycled PET felt layer to store loose papers and keep your space looking organized.

The top toolbar provides a dedicated space, so your essential accessories are always just arm’s reach away. For those of you extra careful about your cable management, you’ll be happy to know this mat comes with a metal cable holder that can be fixed anywhere along the toolbar.

San Francisco product design firm MAKO Design, loves to splurge on Nanoleafs.

Nanoleaf Elements

Our team at the San Francisco product design firm loves to splurge on these. Put the finishing touch on your office space with Nanoleaf Elements wood look hexagons. Create beautiful patterns as you rearrange these smart light panels any way you like to make your office space truly yours.

The Nanoleaf Elements come with 11 different light effects to add a warm and welcoming feel to your space. Watch as light gently cascades from one end to another when you select the calming waterfall effect. The ember effect has the light slowly bob up and down, mimicking the cozy environment of a fireplace while the Rhythm Music Sync function brings your music to life as the lights move to the beat of your favourite songs. 

Dyson Lightcycle Morph Desk Light

Dyson Lightcycle Morph Desk Light

Another remarkable project from the remarkable product design firm Dyson. It is a smart light system that adjusts the light automatically depending on the time of day.

The Lightcycle Morph features four different types of lighting modes to suit your needs. It functions as a task light that focuses powerful light on a specific area while minimizing eye strain. Rotating the optical head will allow you to soften the light and gently brighten up a space. The feature light function allows you to highlight a specific piece of art or decor. Lastly, you can also magnetically lock the light head into the perforated column. This creates a soft glowing ambient light to set the tone of your space while reducing blue light.

On top of the light are a variety of touch and slide controls to customize your light on the fly. Or, if you want to control it remotely, there’s the Dyson Link app. Use the app to choose between present modes and adjust your daily light routine. 

What are your favourite home office products and accessories? Let us know in the comments below.

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