Florida Product Development Agency Top Germ-Free Inventions

MAKO’s Favorite Inventions to Keep Your Environment Germ-Free

There’s light at the end of the tunnel. More and more people continue to get vaccinated. We’re seeing sports and music venues returning to full capacity. We’re optimistic, yet cautious. It’s still important to socially distance ourselves and wear masks, even if we’re fully vaccinated. Despite all the good news, COVID is still a real threat to our daily lives. So what other ways can people ensure they’re staying safe? Our Florida product development agency recommends these personal safety products to protect yourself during the ongoing pandemic and beyond.

Florida product development agency recommends the CleanintUV


Long before the COVID pandemic, our Florida product development agency’s client Cleanint focused their efforts on creating products designed to sanitize and keep things clean. The CleanintUV is their latest invention. It’s a revolutionary design that uses powerful UV light to destroy 99.99 percent of germs. It’s truly a brilliantly simple design. How does it work? Once you place the item you want to be cleaned inside the machine and a smart sensor will start the cleaning process. It even cleans electronics and handheld devices. An important feature for sure – because your phone is seven times dirtier than your toilet seat. The best part about our client’s product development? The entire cleaning process takes as little as 30 seconds!

Bauer Medical Protective Face Shield

Bauer Medical Protective Face Shield

Bauer is primarily known for its hockey equipment. In fact, they are one of the most popular brands used by NHL players today. From the onset of the COVID pandemic, they’ve pivoted their factories to put their cutting-edge product development knowledge to good use. They’ve been developing PPE such as masks and face shields to help protect frontline workers and everyone else in these trying times. Using some of the same materials in their high-performance hockey visors, Bauer has created a durable and ergonomic face shield that’s comfortable to use hour after hour. Even if you’re wearing a mask or eyewear underneath!

SafeHandles Clip-N-Grip

SafeHandles Clip-N-Grip

What’s the inspiration behind this product development? Just like your smartphone, shopping cart handles are an absolute germ magnet. Makes sense when you think about the number of people potentially touching the shopping cart handle. Sure you can give it a good scrub with some sanitary wipes, but that isn’t particularly great for the environment. The Clip-N-Grip product development is a reusable foam handle that snaps onto the handle of most regular-sized shopping carts. The self-cleaning technology keeps your Clip-N-Grip safe to use for up to six months. 

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