MAKO Client's Hamper Invention Design Goes Viral on TikTok

MAKO Client Kik-Fix Goes Viral Earning Over 18 Million Views on TikTok

It’s not every day a client of ours goes viral on TikTok – the most popular global video-sharing platform. MAKO client Kik-Fix recently broadcasted their hamper invention design on TikTok and Instagram in preparation for their Kickstarter campaign for the whole world to see. The results absolutely exceeded everyone’s expectations.

One of their recent video posts on TikTok blew up and earned over 18 million views and 800 thousand likes! The very same video also got over 21 million views on Instagram Reels as well!

See for yourself!

The Kick Before the Fix | An Intro to this Hamper Invention Design

In mankind’s short yet profound history, there have been discoveries of specific numbers that have helped push our society as a whole. The calculation of Pi, the base of the natural logarithm Euler’s constant, and everyone’s favourite, Newton’s gravitational constant, all serve as the backbone of modern-day mathematics, science and engineering fields.

The latest significant numeric discovery, however, has been made by the wife-husband duo, Lindsay and Kyle for the number 17. Specifically, 17 of Kyle’s worn boxers were discarded on the floor a mere inches away from the side of their bed. While this number hasn’t been proven as a true scientific constant yet, I’m willing to bet wives, girlfriends, significant others, and parents all agree that 17 dirty boxers on the floor will probably lead to someone getting an earful.

Indeed, an earful did Kyle receive.

But what went in one ear came out as the colloquial aha moment for this hamper invention design. That split-second where time seems to slow just long enough for you to quickly piece together the beginnings of a novel invention idea in your head, leading to that all-so-satisfying hit of elation. Together, Lindsay and Kyle knew there must be an easier way to put away worn clothes in the hamper.

Kik-Fix | The Under-the-Bed Laundry Hamper Invention Design

The best ideas are the simplest ones to understand and the easiest to use while solving a specific pain point. Lindsay and Kyle’s Kik-Fix checks all the boxes here. They set out to invent a hamper that was simple and fun to use.

Friends, family, and colleagues all confirmed Lindsay’s hunch that at the end of the day, pretty much everyone dumps their worn clothes on the floor by the side of the bed. Just like Kyle. So they created a compact and portable hamper invention design that fits snugly right under the bed.

All you need to do is kick your laundry into the hamper. When you’re ready to throw everything into the wash, use the corded handle to pull the Kik-Fix from under your bed. No need to overextend yourself by leaning up and down to pick up the hamper. You can either carry it like a suitcase using the handle on the side. Or, you can roll it to your washing destination like carry-on luggage.

Yeah, it’s wheeled. You’re welcome.

Accidentally channelled your inner Justin Tucker? The Kik-Fix also comes with a soft guard all around the opening to cushion any unintended point-blank field goal attempts. Your shins will thank you.

Invention design on TikTok: Kik-Fix

Kickstarter and Beyond | What’s Next for Kik-Fix

So, what’s next for this viral hamper invention design on TikTok? Well, when our team first heard about the Kik-Fix, we all said, “I want that.” Now that it’s a real, tangible product, we’re now all saying, “I need that.” Like us, you probably want to know when you can get your hands on a Kik-Fix as soon as possible. The good news – they’re launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter soon. You can sign up for notifications from their Kickstarter pre-launch page here. So make sure you follow our blog, sign up for updates on Kik-Fix’s website, and follow them on their social media platforms to get the latest news!

Stay tuned, you don’t want to miss what Kik-Fix has in store next.

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  1. TALIA tosta

    2023-05-13 at 11:48 am

    Where can I purchase this under bed hamper?

    • MAKO Design + Invent

      2024-03-13 at 10:30 am

      Hi Talia,

      Kik-Fix is in its final stage of testing for its new design. It will be launching shortly! You can sign up here to ensure you are notified right away. We’re glad you love this product as much as we do.


    2023-05-13 at 11:52 am

    How can I buy two? I live in Missouri.

    • MAKO Design + Invent

      2024-03-13 at 10:40 am

      Hi Sandra,

      We are so happy you love the Kik-Fix! You can sign up to be notified as soon as its new model has been officially launched here.


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