Ergonomic Backpack Invention Design: The Symmetry S1

An Ergonomic Backpack Designed to Keep Your Back Straight

One can never have enough bags. Not too long ago we covered a floating backpack that helps alleviate the force applied to your back and knees. We recently came across this novel ergonomic backpack invention design that similarly promotes great back health.

Whether it was in college or high school, I’m sure many of us remember the days when we were always slouching over. That’s no thanks to the pounds and pounds of textbooks weighing us down. Well, this backpack is designed to do the complete opposite. It helps maintain good posture and relieves pressure on your shoulders.

Take a look, your back will thank you.

ergonomic backpack invention design: Symmetry S1

Symmetry S1 | The Ergonomic Backpack for Better Posture

There are plenty of great options for your back when it comes to ergonomic chairs. But what if you care about your back health on your commute? Working with chiropractors, Symmetry created an ergonomic backpack invention design loaded with features to promote back health. It includes embedded panels and memory foam shoulders to keep the backpack synchronized with your spine while taking off pressure and stress from your back. All you need to do is ensure the bottom of the backpack is above your waist and pull on the straps for the perfect fit.

On the inside and outside of this ergonomic backpack, you’ll find full-grain leather accents, ballistic nylon on the bottom, a nylon twill body, and stretch mesh pockets. Naturally, this backpack is waterproof.

It’s loaded with a ton of user-friendly features as well.

We’ve all been in those slightly uncomfortable situations before where we try to balance our backpacks upright between our feet or legs when we’re meeting a friend for coffee or standing shoulder to shoulder in a packed train. The S1 ergonomic backpack has a solid base, so it won’t tip over when you leave it upright – how convenient is that?

Thanks to these wonderfully convenient nodes, you can also customize the entire interior of your S1. That way, you can load it up with everything you’ll need for the day. Remove the nodes when you need to carry some larger items, or rearrange the nodes to fit some of the smaller items you’d like to bring with you.

Under the waterproof top, there’s also a dedicated compartment for laptops or other electronics that’s big enough to hold a 16” Macbook Pro

Order yours here, today!

ergonomic backpack invention design: Symmetry S1

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