Putting Invention Design: The PUTTR Smart Putting Green

The Smart Putting Green Designed to Improve Your Putting Game

What good is a perfect drive from the tee if you’ve got no finish to your game? Lowering your handicap is just as much about putting as it is about the long game. Forty-two percent to be exact. And yet, putting is an overlooked part of golf – it’s simply so boring to practice. Honestly, putting is like flossing. We know we need to do it regularly. But we can’t be hassled with it. It’s why most of us would rather be on the range than on the practice green. It’s why after one or two uses, that rolled-up putting invention design stays rolled up in your closet until your next garage sale. The result? In place of torn-up gums, you’ve got a torn-up scorecard.

A few weeks ago, we talked about Matthew Allard’s solution to this problem. A solution that wowed the judges and took top prize in this year’s Crowdfunded Summit Pitch Competition. Not to mention, they’re crushing their Indigogo campaign and already raised over 500 percent of their initial ask.

Today, we’re going to learn more about his invention, the PUTTR smart putting green.

Stuck in the Rough

What was once a sport reserved for the affluent and decrepit, is now thankfully accessible to almost everyone. Just how quickly has this sport grown? Fast forward to 2020, and you might be surprised to learn that over 25 million people in the US alone played on a golf course. In addition, almost an equal number of people played golf off-course on a range or using a simulator. In fact, the number of people who are enjoying off-course golf has been steadily increasing rising 23 percent in the last five years. With an audience this large, there’s a great opportunity to carve out a customer segment interested in improving their putting game.

But as alluded to above, the typical carpet-style putting invention design leaves a lot to be desired. Because these carpets are flat, they don’t replicate real putting conditions very well. Your other option is to take the lavish route by fitting your basement with custom flooring to create a wall-to-wall putting experience. But will your significant other really allow you to follow through with a project like that?

Didn’t think so.

Matthew wanted to create an invention design that could be accessible, fun, and gamified but could also provide feedback and analytics to help golfers pinpoint putting improvement opportunities.

Putting Invention Design: PUTTR

PUTTR: The Smart Putting Green Solution

Like the PUTTR, every great idea for an invention solves a problem in an easy way. And there are six key aspects to what makes the PUTTR putting invention design fun, accessible and simple alternative.

It starts with the aluminum box. Light, sleek and compact, this box was designed to be a discrete yet beautiful addition to your home. Open it up from the side to unroll the putting green with ease. Included in the back of the box is a USB charger so your tablet, smartphone, or any other compatible device is within arm’s reach when you want to see the stats of your latest putt.

The putting green surface replicates the true and fast putting experience measuring an 11 on the stimpmeter. Users can put their putting skills to the test with 27 different putts from 3 to 11 feet in distance.

Integrated into this putting invention design is PUTTR’s computer vision technology that captures the precise movement of the golf ball from the front-facing camera. This enables detailed analysis of every putt to give the user feedback on where they need improvement.


You’ll be able to view all the details about your putt directly from PUTTR app, compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Think of your profile on the app as your personal coach. Not only will you learn about your misses and makes, but you’ll also learn about the distance of every hole you sink or make, and how short, long, left, or right every putt is. 

When it’s time to blow off some steam or put your skills to the test against other PUTTR users, you can load games seamlessly from the app to start playing locally or online. Just connect the app to the PUTTR via Bluetooth and enjoy a wide range of games including Cricket, Pop-A-Shot, Skee-Ball, HORSE, and many others coming soon to this putting invention design.

For the ultimate PUTTR experience, users can subscribe to PUTTR Club. Join an exclusive group to socialize and compete with other PUTTR members to take your game to the next level. You’ll also get access to specialized drills and content to help you gain an edge the next time you hit the course. The kicker? You’ll also get to learn from the very best of the best. Every subscription includes access to interactive instruction from PGA professionals.

How can you get one?

There are two ways you can get your hands on the PUTTR. You can either pre-order the PUTTR from Indiegogo or directly from their website.

If you’re quick enough, you can grab the early-bird special from their Indiegogo page for a 25 percent off discount. But better act fast, there are only a few left! 

Those interested in PUTTR Club can purchase the PUTTR directly from their website to get 20 percent off and a FREE one-year subscription to PUTTR Club.

Putting invention design: PUTTR

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