Winter Invention Design: Three Tips Every Inventor Needs to Know First

Three Tips for Making a Great Winter Invention Design

Cold days are upon us. Sure we have hot chocolate, stocking stuffers, presents, and decorations to look forward to. But there are also puddles of slush and the frigid air that test our patience during the winter holidays. Thankfully there are ingenious inventors like our client Jeannelle Mckenzie who is helping others get through the harsh winter months with her inventive winter invention design. She’s the owner of DolceDog and the inventor of the Leash Mitten. It’s a brilliantly simple design that keeps your hand warm while you’re taking your dog out for a walk. Using the Leash Mitten and other winter invention designs, we’re going to share with you three tips for making your next winter invention a success.

Leash Mitten

1. Keeps You Warm Without Interrupting Your Day-to-Day

Sounds obvious right? Making a product warm is the easy part. Gloves, hats, and even portable heaters are our go-to winter invention designs. But sometimes, these inventions impair or make it difficult to do day-to-day tasks – like walking the dog in the winter for instance. You might realize that you’ve forgotten your gloves halfway into your walk. Or maybe you can’t get a strong enough grip on your leash with your gloves on. The Leash Mitten solves all these problems by embedding a dog leash in a mitten so can get a full strong grip on your leash while keeping your hands warm. No more frozen fingers!

Winter Invention Design: Leash Mitten

2. Helps You Stay Dry

What good is warmth if the materials in the winter invention design soak up too easily? Being cold and wet is just a terrible situation to be in. It’s just another reason why choosing the right materials for your product is so important as well. Consider designing a waterproof or water-resistant product. FYI, these two terms are not interchangeable. Waterproof materials act as a shield against water Water-resistant materials on the other hand resist water up to a certain degree. Meaning if you leave a water-resistant product in contact long enough with wet surfaces, it’ll eventually absorb the water due to the pressure. The Leash Mitten’s exterior is made from waterproof oxford fabric that protects the plush fleece lining that keeps your hand warm.

Heated Windshield Scraper

3. Takes care of the ice

When we’re not worried about the cold or trying to stay dry, we’re trying to get rid of ice… or at least trying not to slip and fall from it. Sure, there’s plenty of products that help us with ice like the typical windshield scraper. But there’s always the opportunity to make those existing products better. In fact, we wrote another blog recently about why familiar ideas are often great ideas. Like this winter invention design, the heated snow ice scraper includes a flashlight for easy visibility during the night.

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