Invention Design Firm Helps Canadian Inventor Launch Trades Tool

Invention Design Firm MAKO Helps Canadian Inventor Launch New Trades Tool

Invention Design Firm Helps Canadian Inventor Launch New Trades Tool Invention

Invention Design Firm Helps Canadian Inventor Launch New Trades Tool

Invention design firm, MAKO, has helped a Canadian Inventor team launch a new trades tool. Darrell Bijl and his wife Stephanie, have released a game-changing trades tool. The alignment system, by a tradesperson for tradespeople will change the industry. The LineStein comes from a couple with knowledge and experience in the trades. For tradespeople, this product is absolutely essential when every second and measurement counts.

Invention Design: The LineStein Alignment System

Game Changer Alignment Tool by MAKO Client, Launches

The LineStein Alignment System was created by someone with firsthand experience in the industry – a tradesman out of Northern Alberta, Darrell has a heart for his work. So much so, that he created this product to use every day, and share with others in his industry.

Darrel and Stephanie came to the MAKO team with strong ideas and vision. They had a prototype they had put together but knew our expert help would benefit their product idea. We helped Darrell and Stephanie refine their idea. We completed the design, engineering, and prototyping of the product. Then, we helped them find the right manufacturer. And now this trades tool is available to tradespeople.

Invention Design Firm Helps Canadian Inventor Launch New Trades Tool Invention

About The LineStein Alignment System

MAKO Invention Design LineStein in action

The LineStein Alignment System is truly an innovative invention design. The instructions to use it are as follows:

  1. Clamp the alignment tool to the center of the pile cap
  2. Make sure the tool’s body is secure against the edge of the plate
  3. Loop the string line around the screw on the winch drum and turn the handle backward at least 3—4 times to secure the line on the winch.
  4. After tension is set, slide the winch drum to the left to lock it into place.
  5. Finally, run the string line to the opposing alignment tool and repeat steps 1 & 2.

We are thrilled for Darrell and Stephanie! Working with them on a product that will truly impact an industry at large was a great experience for MAKO. It’s an honor to work with tradespeople who want to make their colleagues’ lives easier. Between our development expertise and the client’s building knowledge, it was a partnership made for a successful product journey.

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