123: Using B2B Platforms For New Consumer Product Sales

123: Selling A Hardware Product on B2B Platforms

April 20, 2022

With Gil Bar-Lev, Founder of HomeRoots

123: Selling A Hardware Product on B2B Platforms

Gil Bar-Lev is the founder of Homeroots, a North American business-to-business product marketplace that connects new innovative furniture products with furniture stores, distributors, and buyers. Earlier in his career, he was the one who brought together Amazon and Toys R Us in 2002. Today, Gil is going to share some valuable knowledge on how inventors, startups, and small manufacturers can successfully build a hardware product business, then how to start and scale selling through B2B marketplaces online.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • What are B2B platforms?
  • Have a passion for what you love in your hardware product startup.
  • If you develop a product, go all in.
  • Never give up if you are passionate about your product.
  • Figure out your target audience!
  • Create differentiation or an improvement.
  • A willingness to listen will get you far!
  • Pivot if needed after listening to customers.
  • It’s hard to get feedback sometimes.
  • The quality of a new hardware product is critical.
  • Stay competitive by keeping quality high.
  • The industry in business-to-business sales could be multiple times the size of the sexy sales channels like direct-to-consumer.
  • The first order is so amazing!
  • Don’t price too low originally, as you may lose a lot of interest from bigger buyers as you create too little margin.
  • Leverage relationships with these buyers when you start getting connected.
  • Encourage a feedback loop and channel.
  • Don’t get defensive of feedback, try genuinely to help.


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