156: The Evolution of Sales Channels for Hardware Products

156: The Evolution of Sales Channels for Hardware Products

December 28, 2022

With Ben Drury, Co-Founder of Yoto

Hosted by Kevin Mako of MAKO Design + Invent

156: The Evolution of Sales Channels for Hardware Products
156: The Evolution of Sales Channels for Hardware Products

Ben Drury, the creator of Yoto, a toy product for children that is connected to hardware, has achieved remarkable success with nearly 500,000 units sold worldwide in just a few years. In this discussion, Ben will share valuable insights with inventors, hardware startups, small manufacturers, and e-commerce brands on the five distinct sales channels. He will also explain how hardware startups can develop and grow through these channels, as he did with Yoto, in order to maximize sales growth.

Today you will hear us talk about:

  • Crowdfunding can guide you through all the necessary elements for building a successful product business.
  • A direct website provides ample information to sell your product.
  • Sales through Amazon are easy to set up.
  • When dealing with wholesalers/retailers, including micro, independent, and mass retailers, presenting an inferior product can severely damage your retail prospects.
  • Retailers are governed by numerous regulations and requirements, and they typically want to see proven success before adding a new product to their inventory. They also operate on long-term cycles, planning years in advance, so preparation is crucial for working with them.
  • Specialty channels, driven by consumer demand, provide unique partnership opportunities for purchasing your product.
  • The feedback loop from customers is very active.


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