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Innovative Products to Help You Keep Cool in the Summer

Whether you’re a fan of the heat or not, summer heat and humidity is something we’ll all have to deal with every year. If you’re dreading the warm season, here are some cool and innovative products to help keep you chill through the upcoming summer heat! Want to know about more of our favorite products for the sunny season? Check out four of the most useful products that came from the sunny state of Florida.

Say Goodbye to Your Bulky Cooler with This New Summer Product

Left some drinks outside and now they’re boiling? Spending too much on ice for a cooler that can barely keep your drinks cold? The YACKET ICE innovative Beverage Ice Pack is the perfect product solution to all your warm drink worries. Different from traditional ice packs, the YACKET ICE pack takes a new, innovative twist on the portable drink carry-on and makes travel transitions for your drinks cool all day. Smaller than a cooler, and with no need to refill with ice, the YACKET ICE carries a -15C freezing point, colder than all other traditional coolers, keeping your drinks cold for over 12 hours no matter the location.

An Innovative Product Made Just for Your Bed

Blanket on? Blanket off? It’s hard trying to find that temperature sweet spot during a summers slumber. With the bFan Air Cooling Bed Fan, you never have to worry about sleeping with the blanket or not, as this new and innovative product works in pushing airflow from the heat of your body out of your bed and replaces it with a cooling sensation instead. Improving your sleeping conditions, you’ll never have to fight temperature swings or sweating while sleeping again!

Keep Your AC on the Go!

Planning a trip to the cottage? Nothing is worse than having to stay in a house with no AC, and fans barely do the trick in keeping large areas cool. However, the Hisense Hi-Smart Portable Air Conditioner is a innovative product that keeps you rest assured to be always kept cool all summer long, even in situations where no AC is available!. This product gives you the ability to control the device through a remote and app and allows you to adjust, dehumidify and control air flow all at your convenience without having to get up and change it yourself.

Towel Innovation Just in Time for the Summer Season

Surviving the summer without a towel almost seems as if its impossible, but why settle for a regular towel when you can stay cool poolside with The Original Chill Pal Cooling towel? An innovative product that adds a special twist to the traditional towel, the Chill Pal Cooling Towel soaks in water, and with a quick snap is ready to be used for any needs necessary when you’re out in the sun, keeping you constantly cool. A great product that can work for anyone of any age, including kids who are sensitive to heat

A Innovative Solution for All Backpack Fans

Summertime is a great season for hiking and backpacking, and whilst people turn to backpacks as their preferred method in carrying everything they need with them for longer trips, they tend to work up quite a sweat! A great gadget featuring an innovative feature fit for combating the summer hear is the Ventila Backpack Ventilation Fan. This innovative product helps in keeping yourself insulated with a compact fan that easily attaches onto your backpack to keep sweat away. The product can easily switch from bag to bag, which makes it perfect for sharing with a hiking partner!

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