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Most Successful Inventions from Small Start Ups

Starting a new business or start-up is never an easy feat. While it can be exhilarating and exciting, a lot of inventors and entrepreneurs find themselves simultaneously nervous and worried about their future in big markets and against established competitors.

However, one must remember that every successful inventor began from somewhere! Below are some inspiring instances and examples of the most successful inventions from small start ups.

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A Small but Successful Invention

The first successful invention from a start-up is a gadget that’s been especially popular lately. Started by an entrepreneurial brother duo, The Fidget Cube is a small invention created by their business, Antsylabs. The gadget is described as a “desk toy” made to help people stay focused.

The invention features multiple little features for the user to play around with, such as clicking, flipping, rolling, spinning, etc., hence the name – fidget cube. Since its release, the product has received mass success, even releasing special edition cubes featuring Avengers as the outward design.

start up inventions product design successful

An Iconic 90’s Invention

If you were a child of the 90s, you probably remember this trendy accessory. The Slap Bracelet was a successful invention that came from a small startup in 1994 by Stuart Anders, who at the time, was a Wisconsin shop teacher.

Anders created the bracelet by experimenting with fabric and metal to create a bracelet that would immediately wrap around your wrist once you ‘slapped’ the band against your arm.

After signing a distribution contract, slap bracelets came in a large variety of different styles and fabrics. The toy became immensely popular amongst kids and was so big that the invention became a social phenomenon.

Not conventionally as popular as it was before, the invention now stands as symbol of 90’s.

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Successful Shapeware Innovation

What is now a mega-popular product and household name was once just known as a successful invention that came from a small startup. Spanx is a product that was created by Sara Blakely, who was once a fax machine salesperson.

One night while getting ready, she cut up her pantyhose to be more comfortable before going out to a party. Realizing what she did, she spent quite some time developing the product before its release.

Since then, Spanx has become an international success, reinventing the idea of popular body-shaping products like the corset. Today, her invention now stands as a multimillion-dollar enterprise with hundreds of different products under an extremely successful brand.

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Small but Effective Invention Made to Keep Kids Safe

Originating from a simple idea, AllerMates is a bracelet designed by Iris Shamus. After almost having her son reach for a bowl of nuts, of which he’s allergic to, she realized the amount of vulnerability that children with allergies have – especially at school.

To solve this problem, Shamus invested $30 000 dollars in created a bracelet that would let others know of their child’s allergies, whilst still being a fun bracelet that kids themselves would want to wear.

The bracelet features fun characters that help educate children on their own allergies and teach them about their health. Since its release and growth in popularity, the product now stands as a successful invention that came from a small startup that is now sold in over 7000 locations throughout the US.

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