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Yoga Inventions made to Maximize Health Benefits

There’s no doubt that yoga is now an immensely popular practice thousands invest their time, money and beliefs in. As the practice is known for providing a lot of amazing benefits for the body and mind, inventors have taken themselves to the drawing board in order to find innovative ways in which they can create products that make the activity much more enjoyable and beneficial for the body.

The market and popularity of products therein have seen huge success over the last several years. Below is a list of interesting yoga inventions MAKO Design + Invent believes are perfect for any yogi or aspiring yoga enthusiast.

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Innovation Through Combining Two Similar Concepts into One

Since the practice of yoga naturally benefits blood flow and circulation, it’s no surprise that a practice with similar benefits – such as acupressure – would be integrated with yoga. The Acupressure Mat is a yoga invention that takes the traditional yoga mat and, as the name entails, features an acupressure aspect to the products design.

yoga inventions innovation product design

The mat features dozens of gentle, rounded-tip spikes for the user to perform their yoga practice on. The design of the spikes is made so that they won’t hurt the user but will still apply enough pressure onto the feet so that the user will still get the benefits of acupressure.

Along with the multiple health benefits gained from yoga, using a mat that features acupressure meant to stimulate energy and vitality will give you an extra boost of health, perfect for the regular yogi whose main concern is getting the most health benefits out of their practice.

A Wearable Yoga Invention

yoga inventions innovation product design

A common aspect that most people forget when practicing yoga is that yoga emphasizes the practice of proper and deep breathing just as much as it does of movement and flow. The iBreve helps with this!

It is a wearable yoga invention that uses technology to that measure and analyze your breathing patterns in to provide you with smart feedback on your breathing.

This device tells you when it’s the right moment to take a deep breath so that you can reduce your stress levels and make you feel calm. It acts as a trackable breathing monitor, giving you insight into your breathing patterns, stress levels, and daily activity through a connected app.

The iBreve is also specifically designed for women and can be clipped onto any type of bra – and it’s washing machine proof!

The Quintessential Yoga Mat Designed for the Dedicated Yogi

Having a high-quality mat is one – if not the most important product needed when practicing yoga. Most yogis find themselves accumulating multiple yoga mats before finding the one that gives them everything they need – especially in the grip.

The Liforme Yoga Mat a special yoga mat that features great grip material that both made of environmentally friendly material – but is also comfortable for the body. The mat features alignment lines on the front of the mat to help the practicing yogi practice their alignment during poses.

The mat is marketed as one of the best mats for advanced level yogis who want to practice gravity defying poses, such as handstands.

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