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Love Music? These New Inventions Can Teach You How to Play Easily

Music and product design might be the pinnacle when it comes to combining functionality and design all in one. If you’re looking to reach out to some maestros, or even help innovative and grow the music consumer industry, figuring out how to create a product that is helpful whilst providing quality to a audience who uses their ears just as much as their hands whilst using music gadgets can be difficult.

A key to building a successful music innovation is understanding how modern product design works in differentiating your new product from older ones.

Below is a list of how music technology and modern product design combine to make inventions that are perfect for music lovers or the home producer who is either looking to increase their productivity in music making, learn some new skills, or pursue their passion in music!

Music Technology for Kids

In a market where most products are specifically designed for adults to use, it’s hard to find new and innovative products where kids can learn to play music and develop early artistic skills. You could always just send your kids to learn traditional instruments and spend hundreds on lessons, but what if you want them to learn something different than just classical music?

The Data Duo is a synthesizer designed for kids that comes with a keyboard, sliders and the ability to loop sounds. This invention is great for giving kids a head start into techno based music and also familiarizes them with more digital based technology.

Synthesizers Made Easy

Another product invention in music technology designed to teach kids electronic music is the Blip Box. This product is a fully functional synthesizer with a design that makes it easy for kids to use and learn how to combine new sounds.

Filled with bright colours and unique sounds, the Blip Box is made of a plastic design that is drop and splash resistant, but still carries strong professional features such as an input for external keyboards and sequencer controllers.

The ingenuity of this product lies in the fact that this invention requires no experience in music needed, rather it teaches kids how to explore new sounds and gives them an earlier insight as to how synthesizers, sequencers and drum machines work.

A Product Designed to Teach Piano

Sometimes not everyone was as lucky to have their parents invest in teaching their kids an instrument, because of this, a lot of adults find themselves in the predicament where they’ve grown up and realized that they have an appreciation for the musical arts.

However, with managing a work-life balance, and without the same fresh young mind as a kid, adults tend to find themselves struggling to learn how to play instruments such as the piano on their own accord within their schedule.

The ONE Smart Piano is the first piano learning device made to help all those who missed out on those childhood lessons. The product design works so that it can attach itself onto any standard 88-key piano, and lets the user learn piano keys and notes through following the lights on the device.

The product also includes games, Bluetooth and connects to an app, which includes more features to help the user learn faster and more efficiently.

Innovation in Music Technology to its Highest Degree

A common problem most people find themselves when wanting to pursue the instrument of their dreams is that they have no place to properly play without receiving noise complaints from their neighbors. If you’ve ever dreamed about learning the drums, noise issues are something you’ve definitely encountered.

The Aerodrum is an invention that uses music technology to new bounds. Made for people who don’t have the proper accessibility to be able to play the drums without disrupting others, this insanely helpful and smart invention works by combining features that make any product successful. The product is dynamic, versatile, and portable.

Aerodrums are designed to look like traditional drumsticks but with reflective, weighted balls at the end. You are also given pedals, and a lamp that all fits within a special lens and camera that connects to your computer. Through your computer screen and headphones, you can watch your movements and learn to play all through simulations!

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