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Innovation in Food – Powdered Fruits and Vegetables

Reinventing Food

In the world of innovation, inventors are always looking for new solutions to past products and different ways to change and reinvent the products and technologies they have around them. An area that is always interesting to see within the world of innovation is how food or sources of food are being reinvented, changed and innovated. As society progresses into a faster paced world, people are finding themselves having a harder time managing a healthy diet with their work life balance. Because of this, reinventing food has become increasingly popular amongst innovators is becoming increasingly popular as young professionals and those with tight schedules are having a harder time getting their required nutrients needed in order to stay healthy. In relation to this, a nutrition starts up called Kencko has creating an interesting food innovation in direct to consumer packets of powdered fruits and vegetables!

How Powdererd Fruits and Vegetables Work as an Interesting Food Innovation

Food alternatives have caught the attention of many people as new forms of foods such as beyond meat, non-dairy alternatives, and different healthy diet trends (kombucha anyone?) have become increasingly popular and accessible. And as these new forms of food become more popular, inventors are beginning to see the profit in these innovative forms of nutrition. In terms of healthy foods, everyone is aware that in order to stay healthy you must get the right amount of nutrients from fruits and vegetables, but if you’re not a fan of having to eat whole fruits or vegetables, Kencko has the solution for you. The nutrition start-up raised 3.4 million in seed funding for a simple and interesting food innovation that works as an alternative to fruits and vegetables. You simply mix the powdered form of fruits of and vegetables with water or milk, and the solution creates a drink that is in between a cold-pressed juice and a smoothie.

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How This Interesting Food Innovation Works

The powdered fruits and vegetables come in a variety of different flavours and are created by flash freezing and slow drying its produce. Through this process, Kencko can retain all of the vitamins and fibers within the fruits and vegetables, making for a 20-gram packet that contains two of the recommended five-day servings of fruits and vegetables. The packets are not only convenient and make for a quick fix for on-the-go consumers to get their daily nutrients in, but the packets also have a shelf life of nine months – way longer than regular shelf life for fruits and vegetables. The packets run from about 2 to 5 dollars each which is not particularly cheap in comparison to buying a fruit or vegetables itself, but in comparison to fad drinks such as cold pressed juices and kombucha, the interesting food innovation serves as a great mid-point and alternative to the popular healthy, but expensive, 10 dollar drinks.

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