Why Choosing the Right Material is Important for Your Product

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Why the Best Product Material is Important

The product design process is always both a fun, creative time, as well as a tedious one. The best thing about working with a team of designers or a product development firm is that not only do they help guide you along the way, they let you know how detailed you can be while creating your product. An important aspect in your product design is choosing the material in which your product is going to be made out of. Even though at first this might seem easy, there are a lot of different factors that one should consider before confidently choosing the material of their product. Below is a list of the most important things to think about before choosing the best product material.

The Performance of Your Product

Hands down, the most important part of your product is its function, or, what it is designed to do. When thinking about the best product material to choose, make sure you factor in that whichever material you use allows your product to function and work easily and without difficulty. With this in mind, consider the idea that using the wrong product material can result in your product not working at all. Sometimes your products material can get in the way of your products function, so it’s important to factor in choosing a material that not only doesn’t get in the way but can also help your product work more efficiently. You can also find yourself using more than one material for your product depending on what your product is designed to do and what it features, therefore try to choose materials that also work good together.

The Best Product Material for Durability and Reliability

Of course, with all inventors, they would ideally like to use the “best material out there” for their product. This can lead to inventors choosing the most expensive material because they believe that if its more expensive it’s higher in quality. Although it is true that better quality material does come with a higher price point, it doesn’t mean that having or using that material is required or necessary for your product. It’s important to do some deep research into what is available for your product and choose something that can get your product job done without breaking. For this aspect, this is where prototyping is crucial because it allows you to test different materials and see which is the best product material that doesn’t make your product seem cheap, flimsy or not worth investing in.

Managing the Costs of your Product Material

The cost of what it takes to make your product is the most important aspect to the business side of your product. Always keep in the back of your mind when inventing that if you plan on creating a product for mass production or to sell to a market, you need to be strategic in what you invest in as your products material. Remember that although you’d want the best materials available for your product, sometimes the most expensive material isn’t required to make a functional product that works and is reliable. If you’re a start up or small business, managing your finances should be of the utmost importance, as should setting up budgets and managing finances.

Factoring in Manufacturing and Assembly Time

One thing to consider after choosing your product material is how long it will take to contact and source a manufacturer. There are many resources and manufacturers that can produce your product, but if you’re running on a certain timeline, manufacturing times can vary and can’t produce everything as quick as you need. For this reason, doing the right research for the right manufacturer is just as important than finding the best product material, as well as finding a manufacturer that has the right access to the material, you’re looking to build your product with. The more aspects your product has (if your product has a more intricate design, or technical aspect), the longer it can take to get your product mass produced which is why timing and sourcing should be done in timely manner to get your product on the market as soon as possible.

Design, Weight and Size

The last aspect to consider is choosing the best product material that can deliver your desired weight, size and design of your product. You might find that during the prototyping phase of creating your product, some materials can alter or have a major effect in how your product weighs, looks and feels when using it. Even if your product can still function properly with a variety of the materials you chose, the feel of how your product works or functions is equally as important as having a functioning product because, above all, you want to make a product that feels good to use just as much as it works good.

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Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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