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Newest Wearable Technology

New Wearable Tech Devices Perfect for the Winter

Being based out of Toronto, Canada, we understand how hard it can be to want to use your phone when it’s freezing outside. If you’ve ever had to struggle with controlling your music with your phone in the cold with gloves on, this new wearable tech piece is for you!

The Chubby Buttons Bluetooth Music Remote is a large remote that is attached to a strap for the user to place around their wrist. Using Bluetooth, once the device is connected, you can easily control the volume of your music, the song playing, and even take selfies with your phone’s camera! It’s also waterproof and has a super long-lasting battery.

The best part about this remote is how easy it is to click on the large-sized buttons so that no matter how thick your gloves are, you can easily change the music from your phone. This piece of new wearable tech is perfect for people who are heavily into winter sports and still want to listen to music.

Get Better Sleep with this New Wearable Tech

With so much mental stimulation going on in our day to day lives, getting a good nights rest is extremely important. Luckily, there are loads of new wearable tech products that help consumers fall to sleep easier and improve their quality of sleep at night.

One leading product in helping to do so is the Philips SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband, this headband is linked with a mobile app that actively works to improve your sleep. Simply put the headband on and allow the small sensors from the headband to detect once you’ve fallen asleep.

The headband will then trigger quiet audio waves to help improve your sleep and from then on will monitor your sleep levels. The algorithm within the headband customizes the timing and volume of waves, ensuring your sleep quality and that you don’t wake up. Once you wake up, you can view your metrics and stats on the linked Sleep Manager App!

Innovation in Keyboard and Mouse Technology with this Wearable Tech

Definitely a big step for the future of wearable tech, the Tap Strap Wearable Keyboard is a new wearable tech that acts as a wireless, keyboard-less controller and mouse! Powered through connectivity with Bluetooth, simply slip the device on through your fingers and type characters and commands by tapping a combination of fingers on any surface.

The device works without a keyboard, hologram, projected keyboard or invisible keys! It features accelerometers built into each ring finger that collect motion information from each of your fingers once that information is analyzed by a small computer chip and transmitted via Bluetooth to the paired device.

Although the user needs to learn how to tap type, once they become accustomed to it, typing and using the keyboard, commands, and mouse become faster than ever.

The new wearable tech piece also boasts some impressive health benefits to accompany its convenient design and functionality, such as being able to use the wireless keyboard anywhere and, in any position – such as lying flat – which can help prevent from developing neck, back or shoulder pains.

New Wearable Tech to Elevate Your Skincare Routine

If you’re a skincare junkie, you’ll definitely appreciate this new wearable tech! Popular skin care brand La Roche-Posay are taking the lead in innovation for skincare with their My Skin Track UV Sensor.

Sporting an extremely small and minimal design, this piece of wearable tech works by simply tracking your personal UV exposure. The small device also lets you know all the information you need to know about currents locations pollution, humidity and pollen stats.

This device was designed to help the wearer become more aware of their surroundings and environment in order to make more effective and healthier habits for their skin. Additionally, the sensor links to an app that will take the stats and metrics it collects from the wearer’s day and make personalized skincare recommendations to help enhance your skincare regimen.

We wrote a past blog describing ways we think wearable technology will change in the future! Check it out here!

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