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The Best Inventions to Keep You Warm During Fall

As summer is swiftly coming to an end, the weather has already begun to change. Before you know it, it’ll be fall! Luckily, there are just as many fans of fall as there are of summer, as the season is marked by many wonderful things, like the changing colours of trees, Halloween, and the best weather for bundling up with a mug of apple cider and feeling cozy.

If you’re curious about the best ways to stay warm during the upcoming cooler weather, here are some of the most practical and best fall inventions out on the market today!

The Ultimate Fall Invention to Keep Your Head and Hands Warm

A big dilemma during the colder months is mustering up the sacrifice of having to grab and use your phone from your pocket. A lot of people usually do so to check or send texts but also to change the selection of their music.

The BTFBM Wireless Music Hat is an innovative fall invention to help solve this problem. As beanies are the most popular hat of choice during fall, this product works both as a hat to keep your head warm and a device to control your music and answer calls!

Simply connect the hat through Bluetooth, put on and you’re all set. The headphones are placed within the beanie so that you don’t need to wear headphones with a wire and can change the song, volume and answer calls all through the remote on the side of the hat.

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The Best Fall Invention to Keep Your Drink Warm

Now that fall is approaching, it’s time for everyone’s fall favourite drinks to come back! Whether it’s a pumpkin spiced latte, apple cider, or traditional coffee, keeping your warm beverage is vital to staying warm. Nobody likes it when their hot drink goes cold!

This fall invention was made to keep your warm drinks warm. The Salton Mug Warmer is a product designed following the same design as a coaster, except with heating capabilities!

No matter the cup or size, simply place your cup on top of the device, switch it on and wait for the device to warm up. Once the device is all warmed up, your cup and drink will stay warm until you’ve finished enjoying it!

Salton Mug Warmer

This Fall Invention Keeps Your Feet Warm All Day

If you live in a cold country, such as Canada, you’ve definitely run into the problem of having cold feet. Whether its serious weather conditions or improper shoes, cold feet are a serious problem to deal with, especially as it can lead to hypothermia or frost bite.

One of the best fall inventions made to aid in helping feet stay warm is the Thermacell Heated Insoles. Simply charge the heated insoles up until warm and then slip them into your shoes. The insoles come with a remote that allows you to turn the insoles on and control the temperature, and after a charge of 4 hours or less, the insoles can work for 5 hours straight (if you need your feet heated outdoors for that long of a time!).

A Great Fall Invention for Working From Home

If heated insoles aren’t your thing, why not try a heated foot warmer? The Cozy Products TT Heated Foot Warmer is a great fall invention to keep your feet warm in any position where you need to sit or stand in place for long hours.

If you regularly commute to work in the cold or you have a colder office, this would be the perfect invention to have under your desk! This fall invention is both energy efficient, has adjustable positions and improves circulation and blood flow.

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