The Best Stationary Products to Make your Work and Study Life Easier

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Now that school has started and the fall season is on a roll, it means that it is time to get back to work! Even though summer is over, there a lot of things to look forward to in the fall, and now that the season is on a roll and school has started, that means its time to get productive! Whether you’re a student, work in an office or have of a more hands-on job, one of the best ways to feel more productive is to invest in some useful stationary. We’ve listed some of the coolest and most genius stationary products below to help make your working life more convenient!

A Genius Invention that Uses Static Electricity

Its not uncommon for most offices to have a whiteboard or post it board, but with big offices and a lot of employees, these boards can either become too full and cluttered. Even more, using your wall to requires the use of tape or pins that can ruin your walls and become quickly forgotten. Rather than relying on collective boards, why not have your own personal static board! A genius stationary product, The Static Board is small enough to fit on your own disc and is easy to use without the need for pins or tape. This invention simply uses electronic absorption caused by static to allow any piece of paper stick onto the board. This invention is perfect for low quality stick it notes or papers that are a little lighter or heaving in weight.

The Handiest Stationary Product to Save You from a Permanent Mistake – Erasable Pens!

Pens are notoriously seen as the writing instrument of choice in all fields of work or study. However, everyone understands the pain of making a spelling mistake while using a pen. Luckily, erasable pens are genius invention made to help solve this problem! Unlike regular pens, erasable pens use ‘thermochromic ink.’ Pens with thermochromic ink come out dark just like regular ink, but when the ink is heated through the friction of the rubber eraser, the ink turns clear making it seem as if the ink was erased. This stationary product is the perfect fix for when you need to use pen for important documents or essays and are want the ability to erase anything without the worry of making any permanent mistakes.

A Stationary Product with a Genius Design

A lot of genius inventions are genius because they can do more than one thing than what they are originally made to do, as functionality is one of the most important things in product design, inventions that double in their purpose are always successful and popular with audiences. If you love to color-code and having multiple pens, pencils, and highlighters is your thing, then you’ll love this amazing stationary product that turns your pencil case into a pen and stationary holder. The Kokuyo Transformer Pencil Case is a pencil case that transforms into a pen holder! Simply unzip your pencil case and fold over the bottom lining to reveal a sturdy pen holder with an extra pocket that is perfect to fit on your desk while your working or studying! When you’re ready to go, just unfold the pencil case, zip it up and go!

The Best Stationary Product for a Busy Office

Staplers seems to be the office hero in terms of stationary within any working environment. Its not uncommon for there to be misplaced or stolen staplers in any workplace because of how often a stapler is needed and used for important documents and packages. Instead of constantly dealing with the battle of securing the stapler in the office, why not get a staple-less stapler? The Kokuyo Staple-less Stapler is stapler that doesn’t rely on staples to bind paper together. Rather, the stapler punctures a hole into the paper and wraps the paper through to secure all the pages together. This genius stationary product is a great fix for staplers that staple improperly or result in staples falling to floor, avoiding the trouble of having to pick them off the floor and the risk of someone accidently stepping on them and stabbing themselves. The stapler can easily staple up to 12 sheets together and doesn’t fall apart.  

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Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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