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Interesting Inventions to Get You Ready for Halloween

The day that everyone looks forward to in October, Halloween, is finally here! Some of everyone’s favourite plans during the spooky season are traditionally watching scary movies, eating candy, decorating the house, and carving pumpkins.

However, if you’re looking for an innovative and fun way to celebrate, we’ve listed some of the newest Halloween inventions and products that are perfect for the spooky day!

Creepy Candy Perfect for Halloween

What would be Halloween without some sweet treats? Candy is by far one of the most purchased and popular choices of sweets during the mid-fall season, but what better way to celebrate Halloween than with candy that literally screams spooky?

Bug Tape is an interesting new Halloween candy and Halloween invention that is made to be simultaneously delicious and creepy. Simulating household bug tape, the candy is essentially a gummy candy in which you can eat both the tape and the gummy bugs!

With its realistic design and the fact that no one would suspect that there is a bug tape candy, this innovative Halloween invention certainly brings a twist to the traditional gummy candies that we all know and love.

The Quintessential Halloween Invention

Halloween is never Halloween without good ol’ jack-o-lanterns to light up the streets! While grocery stores quickly begin to sell out of pumpkins as the end of the October month creeps by, most people forget about purchasing the right equipment that will help them carve their pumpkins!

Using traditional knives can be tedious, difficult, and potentially dangerous as it’s harder to get the right curve or carve into the rough surface of a pumpkin. Luckily, this Halloween invention was specifically made to help carve out the spooky themes, patterns and images into pumpkins to help you make the best jack-o-lanterns on your block!

The original pumpkin carving kit is a Halloween essential that makes it easy, quick, and fun to carve into your pumpkins. Each kit comes with scoopers, stencils, and precision tools to help you impressively carve even the finest details onto your pumpkins.

A Pumpkin-Flavoured Halloween Invention

One of the most traditional Halloween candies to exist is the infamous Kit Kat! What is well known as a wafer bar coated in chocolate has now become an international sensation that has been experimented with innovative and fun flavours.

To help celebrate the Halloween season, one interesting flavour that Kit Kat has come out with is a pumpkin pie flavour! Specifically made as a limited-edition Halloween invention, this limited-edition Kit Kat is sure to bring some festive and Halloween spirit to the traditional Kit Kat bar.

The Best Halloween Invention for Your Front Lawn

One of the best parts about Halloween is seeing all the creative and creepy decorations that people place in front of their homes. If you’ve got some stiff competition about having the most haunted-looking house on your street, why not try bringing in an animatronic?

What was once mostly used in theme parks and events can now be purchased specifically for your home. However, these special Halloween inventions aren’t just your traditional decorative flying ghosts, these animatronics are impressively detailed and super creepy. Some feature a life-size design and details, whereas some creepy and swift moments are sure to shock anyone walking by.

A Technological Twist to Halloween Decorations

If large animatronics aren’t your thing, or you have limited lawn space but still want to have a high-tech and unique approach to your Halloween decorations, a digital decoration might be for you. Digital decorations stand as a new Halloween invention that gives a more realistic, unique, and animated effect to your exteriors.

Homeowners can now use their projectors to project ghostly images onto their homes, spooking both on-lookers and trick-or-treaters. Simply pop the CD recording into your device and connect your projector with an HDMI cable to project a curated recording of ghouls and ghosts straight to the exterior of your home. Not only is this a unique way to decorate for Halloween, but also a great way to incorporate tech into your Halloween festivities!

Innovative tech is incorporated a lot in horror movies, check out MAKO Design + Invent’s list of the best horror movies to watch this Halloween here!

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