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Innovative Kitchen Gadgets That Will Make Thanksgiving Easier

Whether you love it or hate it, cooking is an essential part of most people’s day-to-day lives. If you’re one of those people who hate cooking or just aren’t good at it, finding quick and efficient products that make it easier to cook something that tastes good is like the equivalent of striking gold.

In the inventing realm, making nifty and cool gadgets for the kitchen is a competitive market, as there are hundreds of different and innovative kitchen inventions made to help people with quick shortcuts in their meal preparations. Below we’ve picked some of the best and most efficient product designs in kitchen gadgets that stand out the most amongst the competition!

An Efficient Product Design Made for Avocados

Avocados have to be one of the most popular fruits for making all sorts of different kinds of food. From dips to toppings to chips, the fruit finds itself used in hundreds of different ways.

One consequence of the avocado, though, is that a lot of people find themselves having trouble preparing the fruit. From peeling, seeding, and scooping out the innards, preparing avocado has a lot of steps and takes quite some time to enjoy.

This handy innovative kitchen invention covers all these steps in one! The OXO Good Grips Avocado Slicer is made with an extremely efficient product design that includes a knife to cut the avocado in half, a pitter to get the avocado seed out in the most efficient way possible, and a slicer to quickly slice the avocado up to have it ready to eat immediately!

A New Way to Serve to Drinks

No matter how simple it seems, a lot of people face difficulty trying to cut and serve fruit, especially when the fruit is bigger, like a watermelon. An innovative kitchen invention that helps fix this problem is the Fruit Keg Tapping Kit.

Rather than having to serve watermelon traditionally, this device allows you to turn your watermelon into a keg and serve it as a drink instead! All that is required is to slice the top off, scoop the insides out, blend, apply the device, and refill the watermelon with the watermelon juice.

This invention works perfectly for summer patio parties and is a fun and creative way to serve drinks at an outing. The Fruit Keg Tapping Kit also works for a bunch of other different fruits, such as pumpkin!

An Innovative Kitchen Invention Perfect for Pasta

No one can resist a good night in having some pasta! A dish that always makes for a fulfilling meal, a lot of people find themselves turning to dish because of how convenient it is to make. However, the process of having to transfer from pot to bowl can be difficult as people find themselves spilling boiling water or pasta over themselves or in the sink during the draining process.

The Snap-n-Strain Strainer is an innovative kitchen invention that fixes this problem! This product features an efficient product design that attaches itself onto pots and bowls and makes the draining process faster so that rather than having to transfer from a pot to a strainer, you can drain the water straight from the pot and right into the snap n strain, saving time and effort!

A Simple, Extremely Efficient Product Design for the Kitchen

If you’ve ever had the struggle of trying to hold open a Ziploc bad and fill it without spilling anything, you’ll appreciate this smart and innovative kitchen invention. The Baggy Rack solves this issue by holding both sides of a plastic baggy up so that the bag is suspended in between the product.

The user then has easy access to being able to fill up the baggy without the fear of spilling anything or having anything fall out! This invention is a great example of a simple but efficient product design that fulfils its function without any added bells or whistles.

Interested in seeing more innovative design in food and kitchen products, check out the first smart food storage system, featured in one of our past blogs!

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