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It’s undeniable to say that everyone at some point in their life deals with heavy periods of stress and anxiety. It’s important to keep and make sure your mental health is taken care of, as stress can seriously take a toll on your work and personal life. Therefore, it is important to find the right stress remedy that works for you in order to relieve stress and recognize under what conditions gives you stress to begin with. The following stress managing inventions use mental and physical health technology in order to create calming inventions that are designed to specialize in alleviating stress and helping its consumer calm down effectively.

Train your Resilience to Stress

Wearable technology has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years as products such as the Fitbit and apple watch have included technology that manages and tracks the health statistics of the wearer. Since this technology has become popular, new designers in wearable tech are experimenting and creating new products that not only more accurately maintain the tracking of certain health stats, but also specializing in tracking specific aspects. The Sona bracelet is the best example of a stress managing invention in wearable technology that not only tracks the general day to day health of the wearer, but specifically focuses on targeting possible fluctuations in stress, and teaching the wearer how to control their resilience to stress. The bracelet is designed with a chic, minimal and stylish look that includes advanced sensors that track the hearts rate variability. The bracelet connects through an app that monitors the heart and through a paced breathing meditation developed by scientists teaches the user how to control their breathing in order to calm down their stress levels, recognize when there stressed, improve focus and decrease anxiety.

Exciting Visuals to Help Track Your Stress

An interesting take in mental health innovations, Pip is a stress managing invention that uses the pores on your very own fingertips to accurately track your changing levels of stress. The device was made in order to help manage your stress, but in a visual manner where everything is laid out for the user through a connected app. Once you connect through the app, hold Pip between your thumb and watch as the product analyzes how well focused, relaxed, or stressed you are. Through the visuals shown on the app, the more you learn to better control your focus and stress, the more the app will respond in helping you relax and allow you to manage your stress through audio and visual feedback. The app allows you to track and manage your results over time so you can compare your stress levels over time and point out patterns that stick out in your mental health.

The Perfect Product for Posture

If you work a desk job, a big factor that not only effects your present and future stress is your posture. Sitting for long hours can be detrimental to your health, and stress is a large factor. Making sure to have good posture when siting is vital for not only to the bones, but also to your breathing – which is directly related to how you control and manage stress. Prana is a stress managing invention that works as a wearable technology that tracks not only your breathing, but your posture as well. It helps the wearer breath and sit in healthier ways to reduce stress effectively. Simply place the device on your waistband and the device will begin to track your breathing and posture. Over time, once the device sense that your posture is beginning to negatively affect your breathing, inherently affective your stress, it will gently notify you, allowing you to readjust, recognize and fix your posture and breathing, actively training you to naturally control these aspects overtime. The device connects through an app allowing you to view and track your stats and has a small, simple design that won’t bother or district you from your busy workday ahead.

A Meditation Invention for Controlling Stress

A known and popular technique in helping to decrease stress is to learn and practice meditation. Meditation has been shown to help ease the mind, increase focus and most importantly, decrease stress. The one downside to the effective method is that most people find it difficult to properly meditate, especially if they live hectic and fast paced lives. Muse is a stress managing invention made to help those who have trouble meditating. The product is designed as headphones when a strap on the front, the device connects with Bluetooth to its linked app, and once the user wears the headphones, all they need to do is to start their session through the app and close their eyes. The session work so that they stimulate a weather correspondence to how active, focused, relaxed or stressed the mind is. If the user is relaxed, they will hear peaceful weather, but if the users mind is busy or stressed, they will hear stormy weather, signaling the user to focus their attention back on their breathing in order to reach a relaxed state of mind. The device is built with calibrated brain sensors that are placed around the front of the device to the ears. After the session is over, the user can review how they did through the session to see if they were fully able to focus on their meditation during the whole duration through graphs and charts.

A Mako Client Stress Managing Invention!

Wrist bands seem to be a popular choice of design for stress managing invention – as monitoring blood flow and heartbeats are easier to do where the wrists are located, however, have you encountered a wrist band that both acts as an accessory, stress reliever, and oil diffuser? The Shen Band is a genius stress-relieving, acupressure invention created by one of our clients that worked with the Mako Design team! Designed to look like a watch, this invention works by having two magnetic round pressure beads on each side of the band to lightly apply pressure on our pressure points. The push made from the pressure points is perfect for alleviating stress, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and more! One of the most interesting aspects of the band is that our client produces the essential oils herself and offers a different variety of oils that all help soothe or energize the needs of the user wearing the band! Simply remove the backside, open it up, and put in or switch out the oils whenever you feel like you need a new atmospheric smell to soothe your senses and bring you ease and clarity to your day!

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