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Best Product Building Practices from the Mako Design Strategy Team

At Mako Design, we frequently mention the idea of “product building” and which product building practices are the best in order to build and develop a successful and functional product. The produces of product building is never just simply about concept design and building a prototype to finished product to sell on store shelves immediately, but rather working towards developing proper product building practices that can help not only create a successful and efficient product, but also create a solid foundation for your small business to thrive.

Having a physical and tangible product is always helpful to your business’s development, but without a proper product building practices, you miss out on how to strategically use your physical product to help build your business and brand. Below is a list of helpful and thorough ways to build proper product building practices to help your product, brand, and business.

Product Building Practice: Plan Things Out

One of the most important things to do when starting any project is to plan things out. No matter what the nature of your project is, planning things out ahead of time is vital in order to help stay focused, on track, and time-efficient when building your business, brand, or designing your product from idea to the store shelves. In terms of product building practices, planning things out is the best strategic action to take because you initially set the expectations that you have for your product. This means that from ideation, to sketch, to concept design, prototype and manufacturing, you have clear expectations about what you plan for your product to look like and function like. Not only does this keep your product’s idea faithful to its original purpose.

Your expectations for your product should also be in line to making sure that along with its development and process of it being made, it stays constant in what it plans to solve. Remember that when building a product, you are building a solution to a problem, so it’s important to not get distracted by details and aesthetic values and look at the big picture for what your product was originally planned to function, do, and solve.

 Finally, your product building practice should always keep in mind exactly how you plan on marketing your product. This is extremely important for your business and branding during the product development phase because it will keep you on track when creating your product step by step and make sure its constantly marketable in both its function, appeal, and in for your businesses brand (In order to not making a product that doesn’t follow your business or brand model).

Having a Clear Vision

Another important product building practice, that not only helps build your product, but also helps the foundation and development of your business are having a clear vision. Having a clear vision entails that from the start to all the way until your business is up and running, you know exactly what your business’s goals are and what you want to achieve. One of the first important aspects of having a clear vision is to definitively understand and know what your product is, and what it is supposed to do. Having a clear vision of what your product is and what encompasses it will keep you on track when developing for product building practices.

You should also have a clear idea of exactly who your product is for, or in other words, your targeted audience. This will ensure that during your product development that you aren’t building a product that strays away from the original vision of what your product is meant to do and for who its for. Having a clear vision for who your product is for will help you map our not only your customer journey and strategic marketing plans, but also the future for where you want your product to head to (further development, different versions, colors, etc.,)

Finally, make sure you have a vision for the goals you want to accomplish for your business and product building process. This will keep you focused and not distracted from other more stressful aspects of the business world and make sure you get the most important things needed in your product development and building is done efficiently as possible.

Redesign and Improve

A mistake that a lot of inventors deal with is that once they have a strong idea about what kind of product they want to create, they stick that one idea and don’t leave any room for flexibility in changing their design.

Although we previously mentioned that having a clear vision for what your product is helping a build a good product building practice, being stagnant and not open to the idea of redesigning the way your product looks or performs its desired function can really limit the potential your product can have to become innovative and efficient. One way to make sure that the vision for your product stays in line when redesigning or building your product is to make sure you get feedback. Feedback is extremely important in multiple aspects of your product building process because it allows you to receive and see things in another perspective you originally wouldn’t have noticed.

Another helpful product building practice is to make more than one prototype of your product. Take some time to experiment and try out new designs or different aesthetic and material features to see and test what works best for your product. During testing your prototypes, it’s important for your product building practice to simplify your product as much as possible – at least for your first product design. Simplifying your product will not only help in sticking with your vision but will create an MVP product that is simple for your targeted audience to use, solve a problem, and make it easier to market.

Finally, by taking the rime to redesign and improve your product as a product building practice, you get the opportunity to align your product and brand image together. This helps create a solid foundation for your business that consumers can recognize and remember, overall helping your branding and marketing in the long run.

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

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