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Innovative Fields to Look Forward to in 2020

Not only has a new year arrived but also a new decade! Design and tech enthusiasts are already anticipating that the new year and decade will be full of opportunities and possibilities for both industries. Many of the world’s most talented innovators and inventors worldwide are working to release some of the most cutting-edge innovations and inventions that have the potential to change the world.

If you’re a fan of tech and design, the new decade carries a lot of promise and excitement for how much more we can advance as a technologically advanced society! With such rapid development in the design and tech realms, let’s take a look at the most innovative fields to keep an eye out for in 2020!

The Automotive Industry

As the world becomes more conscious day-by-day of rising environmental issues, there have been many drastic changes taken in order to help save and control the environment in as many ways as possible.

One of the most influential industries that have changed the most within the past decade is the automotive industry. New trends are revealing that younger generations prefer to use more sustainable methods of transportation rather than purchasing their own vehicles, meaning that innovation in 2020 will revolve around making an effort to maximize the efficiency of public transportation and creating cars that rely on less emission fuels.

As such an example, the rise of electric cars has become immensely popular for their innovation and sustainability, and advanced high-speed rails with onboard Wi-Fi and information systems. With the growth of sustainable methods of transportation becoming popular, the automotive industry will be one of the most innovative fields to watch in the coming decade.

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Innovation in 2020 for Advancing Our Security

Security is a big issue that has become very important over the past decade. Whether it be national or personal security, more people are becoming conscious of their surroundings and how their actions can affect their personal safety. With the world becoming increasingly digitized, it’s important for people to take extra care with what they share online and with what they connect to their devices.

In another sense, with big cities all over the world becoming large melting pots, international security has become an alarming issue where countries are making huge efforts to keep their citizens safe. For this reason, MAKO believes one of the most innovative fields to pay attention to in the next decade is different forms of security that will help keep our environment secure and citizens safe.

Some examples of upcoming innovations in 2020 for security include autonomous security cameras and sensors that can identify human behaviour and detect dangerous actions.

Innovative Fields Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

An interesting field that has just begun to emerge and integrate itself within more accessible forms of technology is artificial intelligence or AI. A tell-tale marker of a burgeoning, innovative field is noticing the resultant major redevelopment and change in the market of products that are accessible to society.

In terms of AI, we’ve noticed over the past year that more and more tech products have become wireless while still being able to fully control and use your devices. Through both voice and facial recognition, not only can our newest technological products understand our commands, but they can habitually perform tasks based on how we regularly use our products.

As artificial intelligence advances, innovators and tech enthusiasts are hoping to see how much more innovation in 2020 for artificial intelligence will grow and understand our needs. One area of interest that a lot of people are looking forward to seeing integrated with artificial intelligence is robot technology.

Going Green as an Innovative Movement

As previously mentioned, a huge trend that has become huge over the past decade is being environmentally aware, or ‘going green’. With daily news reports on how the environment is changing due to global climate change, more people are placing importance on figuring out new and innovative ways that they can help our environment.

From plant-based proteins and metal straws to up-and-coming sustainable brands, innovation in the ‘going green’ is a huge innovative field to look forward to in the next coming decade as people are looking for more and more ways to create sustainable products that produce the least amount of waste possible.

Not only are inventions and innovators looking forward to seeing how innovation in 2020 will accommodate for more sustainable and earth-friendly choices, but actively passionate consumers are excited to see what new efforts we can take to our older and outdated products and see how we can advance as an environmentally conscious society to make better choices for our environment.

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