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Mako Strategy Team on How to Gain Inspiration for your Next Invention

With the new decade coming up, people all around the world are getting ready to set their goals and intentions into fruition. As with every new year, we see a numerous amount of people interested in starting their own business or creating a product that will revolutionize a particular market. Creating an invention can be a daunting and seemingly difficult task that a lot of people are unsure of how to approach. With so much competition and a large variety of different products and inventions already out there, it may be hard to gain product inspiration that will turn into a genius idea that will stand out to audiences. As a leading product development firm, at Mako Design + Invent, we are constantly observing the newest trends within the product market, seeing which product designs and inventions are popular, and taking a lead in the market. Understanding of how hard it can be to come up with a fresh idea, here is the Mako Strategy’s best methods for gaining product inspiration to create your newest and best invention yet!

Gain Product Inspiration Through Observing your Environment

One of the best ways to find product inspiration is to observe your surroundings! A lot of inventors and business owners assume that success is only achieved if it can become successful internationally rather than in their own local area. It’s beneficial for every business to have their eyes set on large goals, including reaching out to international markets, but starting out with a strong and successful reputation within a local market is a great way to ground your business before expanding for more competitive and fast paced markets overseas. Chances are that if you can create a product with a product design that is effective and helpful to your local community, it can become just a successful and popular in other local communities around the world. Even without the luxury of having your products become famous nation-wide, what defines a successful business is not limited to international success but having a loyal and trust clientele and customer base who believe in and invest in your product because of how efficient and well it works! Thus, think about finding product inspiration by looking to create a product that helps solve a major problem that is relevant to your surrounding location.

Product Inspiration Through Travel

On the other hand, rather than observing what is needed in your local area, a popular option to find product inspiration is to explore the world through travel! Whether its near or far, exposing yourself to the lifestyles, cultures, and popular spots around the around can teach you a lot about certain audiences, what people are interested in, and what type of things people are experiencing. Through experience, you can gage an idea about what type of products, innovation and inventions that people would like to be seen sold on the market and would thrive within a successful business. Not only does travel give you a better idea about what people around the world are looking for, but also can help open your eyes to the different ways that other nations and countries market their products, what products are popular where (and why), and the smart and innovative ways that people are creating a more efficient lifestyle and reality for others worldwide. Not only can you gain product inspiration and create a product that can appeal to people all over the world, but you can also feel motivated through observing how different markets work and thriving in knowing that the market for consumer products is lively and popular.  

Try Out a New Hobby to Gain Product Inspiration

A lot of great products and inventions are made simply due to popular hobbies. It may be of no surprise to know that people all over the world have an abundance of different interests and activities that can require talent, a lot of mental and physical energy, and most importantly money. However, because people are so passionate about their favorite past times, they will overlook the circumstances that can make their favorite activities somewhat tedious – but with so many activities and hobbies comes the perfect opportunity to explore and see if product inspiration can be sparked to create a product that will make peoples hobbies more convenient and enjoyable to partake in. Finding a new hobby will give you a firsthand experience as to what is needed the most within certain activities, so not only can you gain product inspiration for not just one invention, but more! Hobbies are also a great way to create a multi-functional invention that can perform two to three tasks for a hobby at once.

Find Product Inspiration by Talking to Others!

Everyone lives a unique life – but one thing that makes us all similar is having similar experiences in frustrating, tedious or tasks that can make our lives more difficult! Talking to people and learning about their experiences in their day to day life can help learn about the struggles that they deal with and what they would like to see improved in their life. A lot of the best inventions that succeed in the product market are products that perform a simple task that can help make peoples lives easier – so talking to the people around you, in different communities, or of different age groups can shed light as to what people are looking for, need, and are willing to invest in to make their lives easier. Understanding other peoples needs and experiences will help you understand what could be in demand or trending within the market and what appeals to audiences the most. Not only will this help bring product inspiration to successfully create a product but can reveal to you the best ways to market your product to reach your desired field and audiences.


If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

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