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The Best Magazines For Product Design Inspiration

Staying motivated within the design industry can be really easy or really hard at times. With so many avenues of innovation to look forward to, it can be overwhelming to choose where your inspiration comes from or what step to take next in your journey.

If you struggle with finding good product design resources to help you stay motivated when coming up with a product idea or refining your design, subscribing to the right type of media is a helpful tip you can use to find the requisite inspiration to realize your product vision.

A great form of media that is bound to afford visual inspiration and inform you is magazines! Although it may seem that the digital age has taken over, finely curated design magazines are a great way to see selected pieces and read detailed information about the product, its function, and who designed it.

An Award-Winning Product Design Resource Magazine

The award-winning and internationally known magazine Azure specifically collects and curates content focused on contemporary architecture and all areas of design. Their issues are visually stunning with design pieces that range from architecture, interiors, product design, landscapes, and urbanism.

Not only do they feature the best designs that are sure to inspire you, but they also include a wealth of information on the designs you see, profiles of the designers and architects, stories about transformative projects, and the latest trends in designs for design fairs around the world.

In addition to serving as a great product design resource, Azure Magazine strives to predict the future of design, provide knowledgeable insight, and highlight issues, ideas, designs and new designers that deserve the spotlight.

A Wide Range of Design Topics for Never-Ending Product Design Inspiration

Founded in 1996, Wallpaper is a well-known publication and magazine that widely focuses on different topics pertaining to design. From product design, architecture, fashion, travel, and art, Wallpaper is the definition of a well-rounded magazine that makes for a perfect product design resource since it can help you pull inspiration from a large variety of design fields.

The magazine is well known for curating its own content, exhibitions and design events worldwide, giving even more back to the design community than just a well-made magazine. In addition to providing striking visuals of the best design content from around the world, what makes Wallpaper an exceptional product design resource helpful for all designers is that it also includes exclusive interviews, breaking news, trend reports, and guidebooks.

A Magazine That Helps You Cultivate Your Craft

Existing as a magazine for almost 60 years, Form is a magazine that is recognized as a world-leading publication. It focuses on product design, design industry, and communication design. Since being founded in 1957, Form addresses both the professionals and casual lovers of the creative disciplines of design and appeals to designers, architects, students, and people simply just interested in design.

The magazine is a perfect product design resource as it highlights some of the most innovative product designs in the industry, design news, key topics, and analyzes the newest designs and stimulates design discourse. 

One of the reasons Form is an amazing product design resource is that the magazine also provides important information for design enthusiasts worldwide with opportunities to learn about and attend trade fairs, seminars, lectures and workshops worldwide on design to help cultivate and encourage the growth of design.

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