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The Best Products to Prepare for the Upcoming Spring Season!

With the temperatures rising, it’s time to mark the start of a new season! As we all know, spring is a great time to begin a fresh start in cleaning and redecorating our environments, as well as starting to develop some new and healthy habits!

Having some handy products to help ease your way into getting motivated for the new season is bound to be helpful especially given how hard it is to break that winter slump. Here are some of MAKO Design + Invent’s favourite picks for interesting product designs that will prepare you for the upcoming spring season and add more springtime fever into your life!

One of the biggest and most daunting tasks that a lot of people take up at the start of the new spring season is spring cleaning! Getting up to organize, throw out, wash and put things away always seems like a huge effort and could even seem harder to do when your floor is a mess.

If you find yourself still stuck with a dirty floor after picking up things off the floor but too tired to dust or broom your place, this interesting product design, the iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum, may be the best option for you!

Those who own pets or have carpeted floors know how tedious and time-consuming it is to constantly be vacuuming floors; however, the iRobot is a well-known and popular invention and innovation in home cleaning where the vacuuming is controlled by the vacuum itself!

Equipped with sensors, the iRobot auto-vacuums your home on its own, detecting when it’s about to run into walls or furniture. The iRobot Roomba can also be controlled using an app, Alexa, or Google Assistant for full hands-off control, making springtime cleaning a breeze.

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An Interesting Product Design to Help Bring Spring to Your Home

It’s not uncommon to see people brightening up their home spaces at the start of a new spring season. If you’re looking for an interesting product design that can help bring a more colourful and spring-themed look to your interior design, the Springtime Carpet may be perfect for you.

What makes this carpet stand out against other regular carpets is its unique design – the springtime carpet features tiny cylindrical foam pieces weaved into the bottom of the carpet. The feeling of the carpet presents a new and unique feeling, similar to stepping onto or lying on a bunch of small and soft tennis balls. Possibly the most interesting aspect about this carpet is how the carpet mimics a springtime feeling through its colourful look – replicating a healthy grass field.

Spring-Themed Utensils for Your Kitchen

Getting your space in the mood for spring doesn’t necessarily need to rely only on cleaning and decoration – upgrading your home essentials through organizational pieces is just as important! Since springtime is almost synonymous with florals, it’s no surprise that one of our picks for interesting product designs for spring is The Lily set.

The Lily Set includes a set of kitchen utensils and a stand that gives the user a more springtime feel as the container sports the design of a vase made for your kitchen utensils. Each utensil handle is designed to look like lilies, so when inserted, the set looks like a plant vase filled with lilies. The handles expand to help save space within the case. Additionally, the vase set is hygienically designed to allow your kitchen tools to dry inside without collecting bacteria.

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