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The Handiest Extensions for Your Smartphone

It’s undeniable to say that smartphones have become a huge aspect of society’s life. Almost everyone currently uses a smartphone or finds that they at least need their phones on them to serve more than one use or function.

However, because smartphones are being used to serve so many different functions, people are finding themselves needing to attach certain extensions in order to make their smartphones do more than what they were designed for or to work compatibly with certain apps!

One of the best product developments as of late is transforming our smartphones into uses for cameras, tablets, and forms of watching entertainment. Thus, extra accessories are being created to enhance smartphones even more in ways that make our smartphones the ultimate electronic devices used for everything!

We’ve listed some of our favourite smartphone accessories that help prove the capability of accessories and extensions that are must-haves for those who are looking to upgrade their smartphones in genius ways!

Best Smartphone Development to Turn Your Phone into A Gaming Device

More and more inventors worldwide are beginning to realize that the innovation of the smartphone meant more than just people having access to a wireless phone, but that now people have access to a digital device that can open up to a world of different uses.

As mobile gaming has become increasingly popular amongst kids and gaming fans worldwide, the popularization of turning smartphones into small yet powerful gaming devices has become a huge factor in people’s choices when shopping for a new phone.

One of the best product developments for gamers is the Clippad. The Clippad is a cool smartphone extension that can turn any smartphone, regardless of its specs, into a video game-like device in second. Simply attach the wirelessly connected Nintendo inspired controllers to the side of your phone to start playing your favorite classic Gameboy games!

A Multifunctional Smartphone Device

A common use for our newest smartphones nowadays is using their impressive screen size to enjoy and stream videos, TV, movies, read books, and more. Because so many people rely on using their smartphones for a variety of different media, the inconvenience of always needing to hold your phone in a certain way can get in the way of people trying to enjoy their favourite content. Thus, the best smartphone development to solve this would be to find a way to improve the convenience of smartphone users by creating a smartphone stand.

The MOFTX is an invisible and non-clunky smartphone accessory that is lightweight and attaches to the back of your phone as an “invisible” stand. Not only can the stand work in both portrait and landscape mode, but the smartphone accessory also serves as a grip for your phone and a small wallet for your most used cards!

How the Best Product Development Can Make Your Phone Fit for Science

Another huge smartphone development for our modern-day mobile devices is using our smartphones as portable cameras! During every past major reveal of a new smartphone, a significant area that is emphasized during all spec reveals is how well the camera performs as users become more interested in using their phones as devices for photography.

The uHandy Duet is an attachable smartphone device that enhances the way you take photos on your phone. With two different lenses, this smartphone extension allows you to use either a more Lo-mag or hi-mag lens to capture powerful microscopic images of things around you. Not only is it a great tool for photography, but perfect for those interested in science!

Make Your Digital Media Physical With This Smartphone Development

As people shift from physical to digital forms of media and content sharing, the old tradition of film cameras has seemed to take a turn into an outdated practice. However, no matter how much technology has changed, there is still a huge appeal and sentimental value in having physical copies of pictures of moments shared with your close ones.

Not only can the best product developments be applied to phones but finding ways to use your phones to enhance other products, such as Polaroids! The Polaroid Lab is a novelty product that brings your best-taken selfies or smartphone photos to life.

Choose and edit your favourite photos on your phone, then place your phone on top of the device and wait for the Lab to transform it into a physical Polaroid photo for you to hang on your walls or give to your friends!

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