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MAKO’s Top Netflix Show Recommendations for Design Inspiration

For creatives, it can be hard to spend a lot of time indoors without feeling as if your inspiration or creativity is being stifled. Along with staying safe, staying indoors gives a great promise for comfortability and enjoyment as more people are spending time finding new shows or movies to watch.

If you’re a big fan of design and are looking for product design inspiration for your next design or are looking for a stimulating way to learn more about product design and development, the MAKO Strategy team has listed their favorite picks for Netflix shows to binge-watch!

Abstract: The Art of Design

One of the greatest features of some Netflix shows is their ability to offer a wide range of variety on certain topics. ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’ is a show that focuses on the topic of design where each episode tells the story of one impressive product design from different design fields.

In a documentary style, each episode highlights the vision behind some of the most vibrant and brilliant designs in our world and gives us a detailed and thorough history and the story behind each design. The show is a great opportunity to gain substantial product design inspiration as it examines each design’s design strategy and how the design overall benefits us as a society and helps shape our world.

Observing How Creativity Works for Product Design Inspiration: ‘The Creative Brain’

One huge misconception about being an inventor is the idea that you must have a remarkable brain or be naturally talented. ‘The Creative Brain’ is a Netflix documentary-style show that follows neuroscientist David Eagleman in studying and understanding the creative process.

The show best exemplifies some of the most notoriously world-wide famous designers, inventors, and creatives unraveling their thought processes and exploring how they arrive at their individual creative breakthroughs.

The show puts into perspective that some of the world’s most genius ideas are not just made out of thin air or “naturally thought of” but carefully put together from existing ideas into one unique, fresh, and world-changing idea. If you are ever feeling low on coming up with product design inspiration, ‘The Creative Brain’ is sure to put creativity and design into new perspectives for you.

Product Design Inspiration and 3D Printing: ‘Print the Legend’

One of the biggest innovations to help progress and push product design inspiration and technology forward is 3D printers and 3D printing technology! Filmed in 2014, the Netflix documentary, ‘Print the Legend,’ focuses entirely on the 3D printing revolution and its place in our current society, with a focus on its progression within the design and tech field.

Not only does the documentary highlight and educate the audience on the origin of the 3D printer, but it also highlights its achievements and shows how it’s grown in popularity, highlighting some major 3D printing companies along the way, such as Makerbots and 3D Systems.

In addition to showing how much 3D printing has given to the world, moving from a niche design and tech interest to a common office to household staple, the documentary also explores more controversial subjects such as the lengths and limits to being given the accessibility of being able to print ‘anything.’ Looking at how 3D printing works in our modern-day world reminds us that product design inspiration can be garnered and made through using our most convenient and emerging technologies.

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