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Client Spotlight: CLub It! The Golf Club Brush

About CLub-It

Golf is a sport and hobby loved by many, and those who actively participate and play the game often know that there goes a lot into getting the right equipment in order to play a great game and improve their skills!

As a Canadian product development firm, we understand that having great equipment vital to improving your golfing skills and ensuring a better game; however, it can come at a great cost. With so much spent on being able to play and keep up with the sport, it is important to take very good care of your equipment in order to preserve its quality.

This means cleaning any dirt and avoiding scuffs as much as possible. One way to do that is to carry a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use golf club brush cleaner, such as CLub-It!

Invented by one of MAKO’s clients, Jared Higgins, CLub-It is a convenient golfing product that is easy to bring around with you while on the course. What drew us to the CLub-It, as a Canadian product development firm fond of sports and sports product design, is how the product is conveniently designed so that active players have an accessible cleaner to carry them on or hang on their golf bag for when they accidentally scuff or dirt their gold clubs.

Not only does having a convenient golf club cleaner help you save time cleaning your clubs after the game, but it also keeps the condition and quality of your clubs at their best, saving them from deterioration and keeping them clean and at their best during the rest of your game.

Our Work on CLub-It as a Canadian Product Development Firm

There are a lot of reasons why a Canadian product development firm such as Mako Design loved the concept and idea of CLub-It. Upon picking up the project, we knew that this product would help offer a convenient solution to a problem that an audience of gold players would love and bring efficiency and practicality to the lives of golf fans everywhere.

The team at MAKO worked on making this product the best it could be by giving it a bunch of special features to help increase its quality as a product. Emphasizing its maximum functionality in its small and convenient size, portability was a huge factor in its design, which is why we gave the product design an easy latch with a retractable line.

Additionally, knowing that the brush would be used on a variety of different golf clubs that can be made out of different materials, we made sure that the brush was high quality, durable, and made out of bristles that would stay onto the product without falling off.

As a Canadian product development firm, we understand how sports and equipment are a big deal to players as we are home to some of the most intense sports that require a lot of top-quality equipment, such as hockey, which is why we made sure that this product was made out a great durable material that was easy to carry and helps sustain your equipment while on the field.

The product is a two-in-one solution as the spray on top makes it easier to quickly spray and scrub in one go and saves space for the player, as they only need to have CLub-It on hand instead of a separate brush and cleanser bottle. You can easily refill the bottle with any cleanser of your choice and hold the whole product just with the product in your hand.

A rendering of the CLub It, emphasizing its removable spray bottle feature.

If you would like to learn more about CLub-It, visit its official website at

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