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Top Products to Help You Stay Clean and Sanitized

Now more than ever is a good time to stay as clean as possible. Whether sanitizing yourself, your items, or your home is the best wat for your to keep clean, learning about the best products and resources to help you do so can offer you convenience and save you valuable time within your day to day life. Below are some of the best product design innovations in sanitizing and cleaning products, that are perfect for the home and to keep you safe and clean!

Best Product Design Innovation to Clean Your Phone

It’s a general and known fact that one of the dirtiest and bacteria-filled surfaces is none other than the screen of your smartphone! Since the smartphone has become one of the most used devices in today’s society, it makes the most sense that the screen can become filled with bacteria. Since we’re so used to using our phones and don’t detect or see germs or dirt so easily on our smartphones, it’s important to take the extra effort in cleaning and disinfecting our phones to keep harmful bacteria away, thus, Hello! was invented. Hello! is an example of the best product design innovation that properly disinfects your smartphone! Following the aesthetic of a toaster, simply pop in your phone and wait while the device sterilizes your phone whilst topping up its charge. Once finished, your phone will pop out the top just like a piece of toast and is ready and clean to use once more.

An Aesthetic Home Product that also Sanitizes your Phone

Since phone sterilization and cleaning should be of the utmost importance to anyone looking to rid themselves of the chance of contracting any harmful bacteria, taking extra measures to find the right products to clean your phone is vital. If you want a more aesthetically pleasing product that works better for the home, the Lexon Oblio wireless charger is the best product design innovation that is perfect for both your home and smartphone. Simply drop your phone into the vase-like product and the Oblio will immediately begin sanitizing and charging your phone all at once. The Oblio uses a UV-C lamp to sterilize your screen, giving the product an interesting look as it glows from the inside. The sleek look is a great piece for interior design and adds a cool piece of tech for your home.

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An Easy and Convenient Best Product Design Innovation to Sanitize Any Surface

While it’s important to sterilize some of your most used gadgets, it’s important to remember than any surface around you is possible to breed and carry bacteria and harmful germs. Instead of falling into the gimmick of using room sprays that only act as home fragrances to rid of bacteria, the best product design innovation for the home is the Silveray-III, a sterilizing spray that effectively kills bacteria. Using ionize water, the Silveray-III sprays water rich in ions that instantly kill bacteria, viruses, and odor molecules. Safe to spray anywhere, the spray looks, smells, and even tastes like water but has the amazing ability to safely sanitizing your home and any surface without any toxic matters. The best thing about this disinfecting spray is that not only can it be used around the house on any surfaces, but it can be sprayed on clothes and food as well since the solution is comprised of just electrolyzed water. Simply fill the spray with water and wait for the bottle’s wand filed with magnesium balls and silver mesh to ionize the water and you’re good to go! This product helps keep your home clean, saves time and effort, and cuts costs on having to constantly spend on cleaning and disinfectant products.

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The Best Product Design Innovation to Help Clean Your Kitchen

By far one of the most important places that you’d want to keep clean and bacteria-free are your dishes and kitchen tools! Not only does keeping a clean kitchen mean healthier eating but saves you the times of having to worry about harmful bacteria growing in places where there is more likely to be left out food or wet surfaces. The Tetra is the best product design innovation that works as a counter-top dishwasher that carries the same type of aesthetic of a 3D printer but acts almost like an aquarium for your dishes! Easy to place anywhere in your kitchen, the tetra will wash your dishes, glassware, utensils and bottles. One of the most interesting aspects of this design is that you can fully see the process of your kitchen items being clean as the product comes in a transparent casing.

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