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Using our top quality design services, we dedicate a lot of time honing our skills to provide the most innovative and freshest designs available to our clients. A standard that we hold high to our values at Mako Design is making sure that each and every design is high-quality and meets the expectations and ideals that our clients expect for their product ideas. Offering top quality design services is important not only to ensure that the functionality of the product works efficiently for the user, but also that the product looks and feels well. While observing the design and innovation world, the term ‘high-quality’ is used often, however, what does ‘high-quality’ mean to a top industrial and product design firm such as Mako Design? Below we look at understanding high-quality and its place in product design.

How we Use our Top Quality Design Services to Define ‘High-Quality’

By definition, the term ‘high-quality’ means to have something that is in an excellent standard of measure, of superior quality. When looking into the product design and innovation field, we usually see an overly saturated and overwhelming market that is full of different products. With what seems to be so much competition, can seem intimidating at first glance, but not every single product you see existing within the product design realm ensures that they are all a high-quality and well functioning product. To Mako Design, a high-quality product is a product that is simple, clean, and transparent in its communication to the user. A consumer should be able to look at a product and understand what its target functionality is right away. It’s common for people to confuse a high-quality product is a product that is made with expensive materials, but the materials of a product are redundant if it doesn’t help the product work at all. Rather, Mako Design focuses on using our top quality design services to find the best fitting materials that help enhance the functionality of a product to make it work better, ensuring it to be a high-quality product.

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Why Top Quality Design Services are Important to Products

In overly competitive markets, a lot of designers and inventors think that by incorporating too much at once or using flashy, gimmicky details to their product can ensure them a top spot in their target field. However, if a product incorporates of focuses too much on a gimmicky aspect rather than on the main function of the product overall, you can mislead your audiences and give them a product that is inefficient, confusing, and low in quality, despite it having a great aesthetic or material design. Using top quality design services to create a high-quality design is important to your product because it should work to successfully function the way you imagined your product to. Once you know that your product is able to function in all aspects, mechanical and electrical (if applicable), then you can focus on the details of the aesthetic and mold the aesthetic and material of your product around the function so that they are all in harmony with each other and what they are supposed to achieve for the product.

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Example of High-Quality Designs

Here are some examples of high-quality designs made by using our top quality design services from the talented team at Mako Design!


Definitely one of the most popular products designed by Mako Design is Moonlite! A child’s product designed to project children’s stories onto any surface, Moonlite is a small yet powerful product that attaches onto the back of your phone to make storytelling with your child a more fun and cherishing experience. The product works by projecting a slideshow of different stories through the flashlight of your phone onto the surface of your choice, allowing you an easier way to read and share stories with your child. The design is simple, highly functional, and fits the aesthetic of a targeted child’s products, making it appealing to parents and children. We used the best quality materials to form a product that can easily attach itself to the back of a smartphone without fear of snapping or breaking.

Want to learn more about Moonlite? Check out its spotlight blog, here!

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ROVER Pack Hopper:

If you’re a big tennis fan that regularly trains your skills, you probably understand the importance of having all your equipment ready for the court or for on-the-go. The Rover Packhopper is the perfect product that works multi functionally to help your train and store your equipment for when you’re ready to train or play a good game of tennis. Designed by the Mako Team using our top quality design services, we made the Rover Packhopper’s functionality lie in its ability to easily carry, sustain, and support the player’s need while on the court. The Packhopper easily and efficiently picks up tennis balls without the need of the plater to physically bend down to reach them, has leg extensions that allow it to stand up on its own, and is easy and comfortable to carry around.

Learn more about the ROVER Packhopper on its very own blog, here!

top quality design services

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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