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A Desk Gadget to Keep Your Space Clean

As a renowned product design firm, we understand the struggle for those who work with pencils frequently for design or artwork and deal with the tedious task of cleaning pencil shavings, spare or broken lead, and eraser shavings off their desks.

Not only can it be hard to get all the pieces, but lead can damage your desk, and the extra shavings can cause a mess on your floor, making for an even harder cleanup. The Clamp Basket is the perfect solution for every artist or designer who works a lot at their desk.

The container attaches to the side of your desk and comes with a compact brush in order for you to easily brush any dirt or shavings straight into it. The basket also comes with a pencil sharpener built right at the top so that shavings go right into the bucket and save you the time and energy of having to clean up once more.

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How Desk Gadgets Can Improve Your Desk Space and Efficiency

Fighting between the battle of finding an appropriate desk that provides enough room for your office space and enough desk space can be hard. Luckily, desk gadgets are designed to help efficiency and space in order to help us get our work done in a more convenient and easy manner.

The Sidekick is the perfect desk companion that helps you write down important notes and first right around the area where your keyboard or laptop should take place. The design of the notebook makes it so that it is placed conveniently where you need it and maximizes the space on your desk so that you have more room for your arm or other important office supplies.

At MAKO Design + Invent’s Florida product design firm, finding and having the right amount of desk space is vital for increased productivity and comfortability while working, which is why the placement of the Sidekick is perfect in that it fits right under the left or right arm when working on the computer. You can quickly switch from computer to sketching or jotting down ideas in a matter of seconds.

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Why Multifunctional Pens Are MAKO’s Favorite Product Idea

Multifunctional tools have been proven to be one of the most helpful gadgets that are both efficient and convenient for users all over the world. At our Florida product design firm, we are continuously excited to see multifunctional product design ideas as we know they are to be a certified hit amongst a lot of great target audience groups.

A great gadget with many different capabilities is perfect for a wide range of audiences and can help out in a wide number of situations or scenarios. For those who do a lot of desk work, efficiency is of the utmost importance as we look for more ways to get our work done right and faster.

The ATECH multifunctional seven-in-one pen is an example of how a simple pen that can be used for work can double as a tool for many other helpful features. Not only can the pen be used for writing down notes, but it is also a stylus for smartphones and touchscreen devices, a bottle opener, a 2-millimetre screwdriver, a smartphone stand, and a ruler. The pen is easily portable and travel-friendly, making it perfect for desk use and on-the-go.

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A Statement Desk Piece

Our Florida product design firm has observed how minimalism has become an increasingly popular design trend, going hand in hand with modernity. Having simplistic or minimal spaces is proven to help focus as well as productivity, especially in the workspace. Thus, having the essentials is vital to having an organized workspace.

The Merge Desk Pen is an aesthetically pleasing example of how a pen can be given a minimalistic look that can sit on any desk and be reached throughout the day for any use. What makes this pen special is the material that is made out of concrete for a more premium and high-quality feel that sits firmly in your hand.

At MAKO’s Florida product design firm, we have a great appreciation for art and statement pieces, which is why the Merge Desk Pen is a popular choice amongst design enthusiasts. This is mainly due to its standout feature, look, and functionality, which proves that simplicity can also be a statement. The design is made to stand out on your desk and includes its own stand in its matching colour, ensuring that you will never lose your pen ever again.

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