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MAKO Strategy Team’s Thoughts on Parametric Design

The MAKO strategy team loves to observe and learn all about the latest design trends that are innovative and progressing in both concept and product design from around the world. The integration of new trends within the design is a creative way to see how different concepts and ideas can be put together to create some of the most innovative and genius inventions that are loved by audiences from all over the world.

In this blog, we look at a design trend that is rapidly growing in prevalence – parametric design (or computational design). Over the past couple of years, parametric design has found itself used increasingly in architectural design, as well as furniture, fashion, and product design! Keep on reading below to see how the MAKO Strategy team breaks it down.

What is a Parametric Design?

To understand Parametric Design, it is important to understand what a parametric is. A parametric is defined as a term that relates to or expresses a parameter. Therefore, parametric design is a term used in industrial design and architecture to refer to computation and computer-aided design, where algorithms are used as an integral and important part of the design process.

Every aspect of the design is known and can be configured through computational design to be manipulated in different ways to that created in the most precise and efficient manners. One of the main benefits of exploring design through parametric design is how it can be explored in ways that give us an infinite amount of creative possibilities without exhausting resources, time, and effort.

Parametric Design in Products

Parametric design can vary from small products and objects to large-scale design and architecture. As a product design firm, we see a lot of impressive examples of parametric design just from the booming architectural designs within our state!

Below are some examples of parametric design. Due to the nature of parametric design relying a lot on algorithms, you will notice that a lot of these designs carry impressive geometrical and artistic style elements, which can be attributed to how parametric design allows for calculative, intricate, detailed, and creative outcomes in design.

Parametric Ring

This specially made ring was created from a parametric design using special software from the designers at Nervous System. It is then 3D printed in wax, castered in white gold, and polished and set with 3mm gemstones. This gorgeous ring serves as an exceptionally creative example of how you can integrate computational design, parametric, and software into a wearable design.

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Parametric Ceramics

Pottery and Ceramics can be a difficult hobby to learn and master, especially since most of it has been done and manipulated through the hands! Designers Jimmy Jian and Jack Liu used parametric modeling in ceramics to create computer-aided molds that allow for a glazed and sharp-edged design to ceramics bowls and vases. The end result is an impressive and unique design not regularly seen within the ceramics and pottery field!

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Parametric Chair

Using generative algorithms, The Generico chair is an example of how parametric design can be used to create a unique and completely functional furniture design! The design of the chair is strategically made to use its full parameters, be flexible, and made with a low volume that requires the least amount of material possible to be functional.

It also features a special ergonomic design that is comfortable to sit on and is 3D printed. Our strategy team loved the use of progressive technologies to put this piece together and think that combining parametric design with 3D printing is genius!

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If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO today and visit our website to find out more. Or feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO, and we can set you up on a call with our product strategist!

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