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The Best Ergonomic Product Designs

Ergonomic design has risen in popularity over the past few years as society has shifted into living more fast-paced lives where more needs to be done at a quicker and more efficient pace. For this reason, innovators and inventors worldwide have turned to ergonomic product design in order to find new ways to help find new, unique, and creative solutions where others can complete their daily work tasks at a more efficient pace. At Mako Design, we love to see and create new product designs that help change the lives of others worldwide, which is why we are big fans of ergonomic design! Below are some of our favorite ergonomic inventions that will fit in great for any office space and help increase efficiency and productivity.

An Ergonomic Invention That Doubles as a Chair and Shelf!

One of the best things about ergonomic inventions is that it’s structured around the idea of being built to be efficient in smaller areas. With having to work in such small areas, there is less room for storing your belongings or essentials without it feeling somewhat stuffy. The Conch is a uniquely designed chair that helps save space while eliminating clutter! Users are free to lounge and sit on the chair to get any of their work done, but can easily reach under and grab anything they need from the integrated shelf right underneath them! This ergonomic product design is not only great for office spaces but makes a great addition to homes who need extra bits of storage space and seating. Not to mention, the beautiful design would make a great addition to your interior design.

An Ergonomic Invention for a Classic Appliance

Mini fridges are not a new concept to anyone. The ability to have a small fridge fit anywhere you like within your space has been helpful and convenient for people for years. However, the way we know of the current design for mini-fridges changes everything. People are less reluctant to purchase or find mini-fridges appropriate for work or even certain areas of their home mainly because they typically sport a chunky appearance and can take up a lot of space, despite being “mini.” ‘Drawer’ is an ergonomic invention that re-invents the classic mini=fridge design! Rather than looking like an appliance, ‘Drawer’ has a sleek finish that is handle-free, only requiring a push of the door to access the inside. It features a lot of room for anything you like as has a cooling cup holder than you pull out (like a drawer) from the top. The great design makes it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and even right under your office space desk!

An Ergonomic Invention That You Can Take Anywhere

Ergonomic inventions don’t only need to be products that stay inside the house! Sometimes the best ergonomic inventions are ones that you can carry around with you in order to have the convenience with you no matter where you go. At Mako Design we’ve also had our fair share of amazing product designs that are both efficient and convenient and follow an ergonomic structure. The Festken Water Bottle is an invention created by one of our clients at Mako Design. The concept of the bottle revolves around a convenient and comfortable design that allows the user to easily hold on the water bottle while being at festivals or outdoor events. The water bottle can easily be lifted and used a bright neon light to illuminate your night out at a fun concert or on the grounds of park events. The ability to switch from a water bottle to neon light makes this product a great example of how ergonomic design can be implemented into handheld products.

An Ergonomic Invention that Turns a Table into Storage!

Since Mako Design + Invent is a Toronto product development firm, we understand the need for saving space in small living situations – given we have our office right in the heart of downtown! Ergonomic product designs work perfect for those living in condos or apartments and need both the functionality of a regular furniture piece and a smart storage system since it adds a great interior design element to your space, as well as leaving more room for you to roam around your home without running into bits and pieces. The Low Table IV is the perfect example of how an ergonomic invention provides both the functionality of a table, beautiful design, and convenient functionality. Simply lift the tabletop off the top of the table to reveal a small storage space perfect for storing anything out of place in your office, bedroom, or living room! If you love minimalistic design, you’ll love the design of this table since it allows for the possibility to eliminate having stuff thrown onto the top of your tables, since you can easily hide everything under the top. One interesting aspect of this table is the ability to be able to customize the design of the table to your choosing, through switch out the tabletop, top, and base with mixed color or wood species.

If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

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