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Innovative Product Designs for Your Office

The Future of Tech and Stationery

Working in an office type environment usually includes having to take in a lot of information both digitally and physically. From documents to letters, we spend every day analyzing the material given to us in order to get our jobs done, but with so much information it can get hard to filter out all of the vital information we need. Having the ability to search on your online documents may be a lifesaver, but when it comes to piles of physical documents to scan through, it can take a while to get through everything. Luckily, innovation and digitizing our physical products can help make our non-online lives easier. The ‘Hyler’ pen is a new smart highlighter that is the best example of how an item used in our daily life can be digitized to make our lives more convenient. Unveiled at CES2020 by Samsung, the innovative product design reinvents the traditional pen through creating a digital-analog hybrid pen that seamlessly transfers your highlighted text from paper to phones. A simple press on its ‘search mode’ will eliminate the need to flip through your notes looking for a particular sentence. You can also highlight terms and a connected app will simply google it for you.

An Innovative Product Design for Your Open Office Space

There are a lot of pros and cons in working in an open office. Although open offices encourage creativity and interaction with your colleagues, it can get very hard to focus on important tasks without getting distracted. If you’re looking for a fun, yet stylish way to create a polite separation from yourself and your colleagues at the office (that isn’t too boxed in), this pop-up screen is the solution for you! ‘Friendly Borders’ is a fun way to engage in creating multiple spaces withing your office in order to create private zones. The pop-up fan is inspired by traditional Japanese fans and incorporates an innovative product design that allows you to instantly open out and create semi-transparent screens of up to 2 feet in height. The space divider can easily open up in seconds allowing you to create a private space in a fun way that doesn’t come across as unsocial or rude.

A Fun and Innovative Product Design for Your Desk

Everyone can agree that no matter how organized you believe you are, with so much work and tasks at hand, your desk can still become cluttered and full of miscellaneous things. It’s important to keep the space around you as clean and organized as possible as clutter is known to make yourself and others around you more liable to stress. If you need a more efficient way to organize your items around you, YUEE design studio has created a simultaneously smart and aesthetically appealing product to help declutter all desks. ‘One Piece’ is a desk organizer crafted by one singular piece of beechwood. The organizer is designed through a minimalistic approach. The innovative product design is embossed with various slots to help store and arrange all your office supplies. The organizer is both compact and light making it easy to move around your desk and office and features a stylish gradient that adds a great pop of color to your office.

A 2-in-1 Innovative Product Design

If you happen to work in design or any creative field, you’ll love this innovative product design for your office. Because of how cluttered desks can get, it can be easy to either misplace or have important items break and get damaged from spilling liquids. For those who need to desk space for tablets, a South Korean product designer names Cheolsu Park has designed a smart device to solve an age-old desk space problem for designers. ‘Slide’ is a keyboard that also doubles as a tablet. As the name suggests, all the user needs to do access their tablet is to simply slide the keyboard up to reveal their tablet. The easy two-in-one product allows you to have more space for your desk and makes for a more efficient process of switching from keyboard to tablet in a matter of seconds.

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    The emphasis on blending functionality with aesthetics is evident in each design showcased. I’m curious to know which design caught your eye the most, and how do you think incorporating such innovative products could enhance your office space?


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