Best Camping Products from our Texas Industrial Design Agency

The Best Products to Take on A Camping Trip

Now that it is officially summer, our Texas industrial design agency has noticed that a lot more families and friend groups around the world are getting ready to plan their next safe outings. While many places remain closed, a lot more people are beginning to make use of the outdoors and surround themselves with nature to take advantage of the warm summer season.

Camping may be a new experience to some, but regardless if you are a novice camper or an experienced one, having the right tools and products with you, is vital in order to have a successful trip. Camping involves having the right products for food, sleeping, resting, and activities, which means there are a lot of possibilities for the products and product designs that can be made in order to help campers.

Below is a list of the MAKO team’s favourite products to help and take on a camping trip!

The Perfect Camping Product to Help the Environment

One of the most important things to remember while spending time outdoors, whether it be a day trip or camping, is to rightfully respect the environment and nature around you. Camping grounds and parks all carry different rules that inform campers and visitors to make sure they don’t leave any waste or garbage in order to respect the ground and keep the environment safe.

Camping trips typically create a lot of waste, and if you don’t want to keep going back and forth to the nearest garbage, face a windy day where your waste can fly around or are not near any garbage or recycling bins, the Kwik BagIt is a convenient and helpful product to have on hand.

The Kwik BagIt is set up as a foldable and makeshift table that includes a portable trash can. It’s made of sturdy metal so that it stays suspended in space and won’t fly off, and it comes with a metal lid to keep it shut. Our Texas-based industrial design firm loves how the Kwik Bagit makes it easy to clean up your camping ground and is easy to tie up and throw away once you’re ready to pack up!

Texas Industrial Design Agency

Multifunctional Product Best for Camping

Our Texas industrial design agency loves how multifunctional products are always handy and great to keep around no matter the occasion due to how versatile they are and can work in a multitude of different situations and environments. When you’re in nature, having a product that can do a lot of different things at once can be helpful and convenient for a number of different tasks.

The Muncher is a multifunctional product that is specifically built to give you all the tools you need to survive in the outdoors. The Muncher is made of titanium, a strong and durable material that is sure not to break or rust, and comes with a variety of different tool possibilities such as: acting as a spork, a knife, a fire flint, a peeler, a can opener, bottle opener, box cutter, screwdriver, and more! This small, portable, and handy tool is the ultimate product that is perfect for any camping trip.

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The Best Tent for Camping

One of the best parts about camping is the fun outdoor activities you get the opportunity to do while out in nature! Rafting is a popular choice amongst campers, and some choose certain campgrounds that include or are near water to get involved in water activities.

TRAFT is a versatile and transformable product that acts as a hybrid tent and watercraft. Simply set it up and you now have both a watercraft to use in the water and a place to sleep for the night. This product is perfect for those who prefer to pack lights, have limited car space, and only want to keep the direct essentials with them when camping.

The product is made of durable material and the cover is not only perfect for when you’re sleeping at night but also great for shielding your eyes from the sun while you’re in the water!

Texas Industrial Design Agency

Portable Pressure Shower

One of the downsides of camping is the uncomfortable feeling of not being near any indoor plumbing. If you’re planning on going on a long camping trip, you may be able to survive using a close outdoor washroom, but most places don’t accommodate things like showers.

The Helio Pressure Shower is a camping product specifically designed for campers to have access to a shower while on longer trips. Designed in a sleek and portable fashion, the pump issues a water reservoir activated by a pedal to allow you to shower yourself using the movable showerhead and give you pressurized water to help you clean off any dirt.

Our Texas-based industrial design agency noticed that not only can the product be used as a makeshift shower but it is great for when you need to clean your camping or sports equipment or even put out a campfire.

Texas Industrial Design Agency

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