Texas Invention Design Firm Explains the Modular Design Trend

Mako Design Explains the Modular Design Trend

When working with our Texas invention design firm, Mako Design, we like to use different, innovative, and helpful design trends that work worldwide into approach the unique designs we create for our clients. With that being said, observing and studying different design trends not only help inspire us for our next projects but also help us explain to others about the possibilities of different designs that are possible for their projects and the newest innovations. One design trend used a lot to help innovate the way we work with design is modular design. Keep reading below to learn about modular design in product design and to see some examples!

Our Texas Invention Design Firm Answers: What is Modular Design?

To simply explain, modular design is a design approach in which the designer creates things out of independent pieces to make a standard interface that can be stacked, rearranged, customized, and reused. The designer simply takes a traditional design and breaks it down into smaller parts (that are the modules). Then these small parts are created independently to be combined into creating a larger design or system. The main goal within modular design is to be able to freely and flexibly change or fit singular elements around without having to replace the entire design, product, or system itself.

The main reason as to why our Texas invention design firm believes that modular design does so well in modern society is because of how well it can be reused, changed, and become sustainable to use in the long term. Not only are you left with a sustainable product, but one that is consistent to fit all your needs and remains in good quality. In product design, recreating the simple design of a small unit can help ease the process of manufacturing and assembly process for any electrical and mechanical system, and because a modular product can transform based on the needs of the consumer, a lot of industries have opted for modular design for a large variety of their newest product designs.

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Examples of Modular Design

A Modular Bluetooth Speaker Our Texas Invention Design Firm Loves

It’s without a doubt that portable Bluetooth speakers have become a necessity for most people today. But being able to find the right one that is high in quality and design to work for a variety of different scenarios can actually pose a real challenge for people who are looking to invest rather than constantly replace. The Air Speaker is a great example that our Texas invention design firm recognizes as a product that knows how to use both innovation, technology, and modular design, to combine into one to create a full cylindrical speaker perfect for the home, but that separate into smaller units to serve different purposes. You can put the speaker together for a louder use or split them into modular pieces to share around the house, take one to go, and give to different members of a family. The point in its modular design is that it is one design in total but approached to be taken apart and still serve the same functionality with the same quality.

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Sustainability and Modular Design All-in-One

Our Texas invention design firm points out that just because modular design is grounded in being sustainable, a pattern you’ll notice within a modular product is that they value sustainability and ‘eco-friendly’ values. Created by Anna Piasek, the ‘One Size’ is a great example of a modular, sustainable product that uses pieces and units within itself to serve multiple features all in one design. The ‘One Size’ is made to be an innovative solution to help decrease the amount of plastic take away given to you in different boxes of taking out by unite the small boxes into one whole box and that be made modular and lessen the amount of plastic used. The template is biodegradable and features trays that can split up into walls to serve as food dividers, replicating a ‘bento box’ like the design. The design comes with a glass and lid too to hold up any liquids, and the container itself is coated with a plant-based layer to keep everything waterproof and safe. The main point in this design is that it is able to be split up within its own design and material to serve different purposes.

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