Back-to-School Products Our Industrial Design Specialists Love

Our Top Product Picks for Back to School

Most students can agree that finding a place on campus to study can be a challenge, especially if you go to a school with many students. Many indoor places are temporarily shut down, making it hard to find a proper place to study. The DESKIT is a product that was originally made for students in rural India who typically sit on the floor to study, but it is a great and innovative idea that can help students worldwide!

The backpack comes with a collapsible hard surface and legs built into the front, giving kids a prop-up school desk to write on, with your backpack right next to it for easy accessibility to all your things. Our Texas industrial design specialist recommends this innovative back to school product because not only is the backpack lightweight but also affordable. Its the perfect backpack for those who need to find makeshift places to study or for kids studying at home who may not have a traditional desk for use.

Texas product design specialist

A Sustainable Notebook Design

Our Texas industrial design specialist has noticed that sustainability has become a huge and important trend within product design. With the back-to-school season starting soon, having sustainable products is important now more than ever since the school season is notoriously known for producing mass amounts of paper waste.

If you’re looking for the perfect notebook to accompany you throughout the school year but still want to maintain sustainability, the GVA notebook is a great choice. GVA Notebooks are sustainably grown and give back to the environment with every purchase.

Each notebook is made from FSC paper, which is paper grown from internationally certified sustainable conditions made from virgin wood pulp and recycled paper. Each cover is created from unique tactile and smooth bamboo, and the cover is left bare, giving you the creative freedom to put in your own colour.

Finally, each notebook is hand-bound and hand-stiched with leather spines and an elastic band. While it may appear to look like just a regular notebook, you can rest assured that you made a great choice choosing a sustainable build and design for your schoolwork.

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A Two-In-One Laptop Sleeve

A laptop is by far one of the most essential products that every student should have on hand when studying. Keeping a laptop safe, as well as functional throughout the duration of your school career is vital to getting your assignments done and notes prepared for classes.

With so much functionality and importance given to your laptop, is important to keep it properly protected when you’re on the go. Recommended by our Texas industrial design specialists, the MOFT carry sleeve is perfect for students who need a durable compartment for their laptop, as well as a stand to work on!

The MOFT carry sleeve not only protects your laptop but has an innovative folding design that allows is to transform into an angular laptop stand, perfect for angling your laptop when taking notes in class. The sleeve itself is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and made of a slim, durable PU-based leather exterior.

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An Award-Winning Stationary Product our Texas Industrial Design Specialist Loves

If you struggle with having to deal with large pieces of text, highlighting is probably essential to you to understand your reading assignments. However, highlighters and markers can take up a considerable amount of space in your backpack and are annoying to deal with in pencil cases.

This Red Dot award-winning M-Marker is the perfect solution for bulky markers or to make sure you never lose a marker again! Our Texas industrial design specialist loves the design of the M-Marker. The M-Marker features a magnetic packing that holds each marker together when they’re not in use.

Each marker is shaped differently, so when put together in a cluster, each one can fit together in a round shape. Not only does this keep each marker together, but also forms a group together and helps you save space and reduce bulkiness.

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Texas product design specialist

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