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Mako’s Favorite Stationery Products to Stay Organized

With the year picking up, work, life, events, and daily tasks start to pile up. In order to stay stress-free, staying organized and having a clear idea about how your day-to-day will look like is vital. If you are a student, work in a busy office, or just have a fast-paced life and are immersed in a lot of activities, stationary should play a large role in your life as a tools to help you stay organized. Stationary doesn’t need to be limited to the simple designs that we are used to! Stationary can be just as fun and aesthetically pleasing as regular product design could be. Not only does aesthetically pleasing and helpful product design supplies makes you more likely to use them, but it also helps brighten up your mood and help you keep your day together.

Looking for innovative products for your office? Check these out!

A Helpful Product Design to Easily Pick Your Choice of Pen

Winner of the coveted Red Dot Design Concept Award for 2019, is the Pen Fan. This set of 8 different flat head sketch pens takes design inspiration from a Pantone shade card and a stationary set. Fully laid out, this helpful product design displays similar to that of a Japanese-fan style layout allowing you to clearly see all the colors available to you in your set. You can pink and choose which color you’d like to detach from the pile and create a pile of your choosing and make a new palette pile. The simple and minimalistic design makes the flat pens easy to use and carry with you in your bag when you’re on the go. You can check out the designer of the Pen Fan on their website, here!

The Pen Fan is an example of a great back to school product. Read more on great back to school inventions to see more.

A Helpful Product Design for Easy Clean Pencil Sharpening

Good and helpful product designs are not only vital for our day to day lives but can be great ways to brighten your atmosphere and mood. Pencils and pencil crayons are used less and less in the office as pens and markers become a more preferable due to their convenience. However, you’d be surprised by how much a great design can make others go back to using certain products. In this case, this beautifully designed Bowl Sharpener is an example of a great product design that encourages people to go back to using pencils and pencil crayons. Unlike other pencil sharpeners that can cause a mess or explode, this Bowl Sharpener is the perfect solution to disposing of pencil or pencil crayon shavings all in one go. Sharpen your pencils directly through the sharper in the bottom and watch as your shavings collect in the top bowl portion of the product. Simply pick up and disposed of your shavings in the garbage with ease whenever you like.

A Pen with a Helpful Product Design to Help you Stop Fidgeting

If you remember the popularity of the fidget cube, this helpful product design concept will ring a bell. With most people who have a problem with overactive hands, clicking pens is a common habit that helps alleviate stress and satisfy fidgety hands. However, this Fidget Pen features a couple of smartly integrated aspects that give many options for others to play around with when they feel like fidgeting. Some of these aspects include a small wheel located at the end of the pen to turn, press buttons and the option to feel the engraved name of the pen at the top. Above all, the fidget pen still functions as a pen, perfect for meetings or the office desk when you want to keep a pen in hand for any important notes and still keep your hand preoccupied through the fidgeting functions.

A Pocket Place for All Your Accessories

If you’re a frequent laptop user or regularly use a laptop on the go-between offices or during commuting, chances are you probably carry a bunch of more accessories for all your needs. Whether it be headphones, your phone, wires, charger, hard drive, or some notebooks, carrying a lot of different accessories at once can be a huge challenge, especially without dropping or breaking anything. For this reason, the Fillit Pocket is a smart and helpful product design that is convenient and simple to use. All you have to do is attach the adhesive back of the Fillit pocket to an item of your choosing (such as laptop, tablet, or another smooth surface) and an immediate spare pocket is available for wherever you want!

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