Unnecessary Invention Design: The Perfect April Fools' Prank

April Fools! Check Out These Unnecessary Inventions to Prank Your Friends!

Heads up, it’s April Fools tomorrow! The one day where you can’t trust anyone or anything. But want to know how to play a great prank on an invention maker? Easy, give them an invention that solves a problem that doesn’t exist!

Matt Benedetto is a product designer by trade. He’s dedicated himself to the craft of unnecessary invention design to create products that don’t really help anyone with anything. His solutions, if you can call them solutions, are so hilariously ridiculous that they consistently get a laugh out of even the most serious invention makers.

Thanks to 3D printing technology, he’s been able to pump out over 187 unnecessary invention designs over the years! Surprisingly, each invention costs about $5 to $20 to make and only a few hours or days to produce. As a result, he’s consistently been able to make two to four inventions every week and showcase them on his YouTube channel. If you’re interested in giving a fun prank invention to your friends for April Fools, you can check out his online store here. Here are our favourites!

Unnecessary Invention Design: Stub Stopper

Stub Stoppers

Problem Not Worth Solving: How to prevent stubbing your toes.

We all know that painful feeling of stubbing our big toe. The all-too-familiar sharp, agonizing pain that makes every second feel like a lifetime. Until now, our only solution was to hop on one leg hoping for the pain to end. Thanks to Matt’s unnecessary invention design, you don’t need to hope any longer. Stub Stoppers protect your big toe from unintended slams, bashes, and smacks that could happen at any second.

Stub Stoppers are miniaturized yellow hard hats like the ones you see on construction sites. Place a hard hat on each of your big toes and just like that, you’re safe from menacing household furniture and appliances. Indeed, you no longer need to fear the legs of your dining table. Enjoy walking through your kitchen with newfound confidence, thanks to the Stub Stoppers.

Unnecessary Invention Design: Hoverbrella


Problem Not Worth Solving: How to keep both hands free while using an umbrella.

Every day, on our way to work, many of us will have a coffee in one hand and our phone in the other. But on a rainy day, these plans are crushed. Yes, on these rainy days, nature forces us to make an impossible decision. We must choose between our phone or our coffee or risk getting drenched. However, with the Hoverbrella, you’ll never be anchored to an umbrella again.

The Hoverbrella is a portable drone with an umbrella attachment, making it a pretty interesting, unnecessary invention. It follows you around and keeps you dry and hands-free! But what if everyone on the street has one of these? Will these drones start to crash into one another? Only time will tell.

Unnecessary Invention Design: Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table

Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table

Problem Not Worth Solving: ???

Ok, this one is just downright ridiculous. Do you enjoy puzzles? Do you enjoy putting Ikea furniture together? If you love both, then this is the perfect multifunctional yet unnecessary invention design for you. This wooden table has been laser-cut into 55 puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together. So before you can use the table you can solve the jigsaw puzzle.

It’s not an easy puzzle… because there is no picture or design… so you can’t really guess where each piece goes. If and when you solve it, you can pull off a piece and use it as a coaster. Whether that was intentional or not, it’s still pretty cool.

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