Best Crowdfunding Site for Invention Makers: LaunchBoom

LaunchBoom: The New Way to Successfully Crowdfund

What is the best crowdfunding site for invention makers? Let’s crunch some numbers. As of April 2021, more than 5.75 billion dollars has been pledged to Kickstarter projects. Let’s say you want to crowdfund your project and set a reasonable goal of about 1.75% of this amount, $100,000. What percentage of projects do you think reached this goal?

In truth, only four per cent of projects raised $100,000 or more on Kickstarter (our client’s GoFish was one of the few that accomplished this feat).

In fact, whatever your funding goals are, 38 per cent of projects are successfully funded on Kickstarter.

But you didn’t come here for math class. You came here to know if there’s a surefire way of getting your project fully funded on a crowdfunding site on the first day, no less.

Enter LaunchBoom, the new way to successfully crowdfund.

Best Crowdfunding Site for Invention Makers: LaunchBoom

What does LaunchBoom Do?

They take care of your crowdfunding marketing needs. We’ve said this again, again, and again: Marketing is critical to the success of your product business because it’s the fastest way to generate awareness in order to capture potential customers.

Check out any crowdfunding site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo. You’ll immediately notice the thousands of projects competing for your attention. And chances are, you’ll only have the requisite time – or attention span – to check out a few of them.

So wouldn’t you agree that the trending or popular projects will generate more awareness?

Wouldn’t you also agree that because these projects generate more awareness, they’re more likely to generate more funds?

LaunchBoom helps with exactly that. With their proven crowdfunding marketing strategy, they will help invention makers get their projects in front of more faces by:

  • Hitting your campaign goal in the first 24-48 hours;
  • Causing your campaign to rise in the ranks; which 
  • Puts you in front of hundreds of thousands of more potential backers.

How does LaunchBoom achieve this?

LaunchBoom has a comprehensive five-step process is why they’re the best crowdfunding site for invention makers. As a result, they’re able to ensure the success of every crowdfunding campaign they take on. They start by building a community of buyers before launching the campaign. Indeed, this is the catalyst that ensures you meet your funding goal on the first day. Building upon the success of the initial campaign, LaunchBoom then scales customer acquisition through e-commerce, Amazon, retail, and distribution partners.

  1. Discovery: They learn about every nook and cranny of your product to craft the ideal messaging to position you for crowdfunding success. 
  2. Pre-Campaign Setup: Here, they’ll produce marketing assets like photos and videos to help invention makers’ product businesses stand out from the competition. It’s not just about aesthetics though; they also measure the results to grade performance!
  3. Pre-Campaign Launch: Using the marketing assets above, they will start building an initial following through an email list and measure the results to maximize your ROI. Simultaneously, they’ll plan the campaign strategy, including email marketing campaigns and backer reward options.
  4. Campaign Launch: This is where you get to enjoy the fruit of their labour. Regardless of whether you’re going with Kickstarter or Indiegogo’s crowdfunding site, watch as your funding progress bar inches higher and higher in a matter of hours. And it’s all thanks to LaunchBoom’s ads, email marketing, and social media posts that just launched awareness around your product into the stratosphere.
  5. Post-Campaign: However, the fun’s not over yet. They’ll continue to upsell to your existing backers and set up pre-order systems on your own website or other crowdfunding websites to keep the momentum going.
LaunchBoom campaigns.


Thanks to their five-step process, they’ve successfully multiplied campaign results to help invention makers rake in the funding they need to make their product business a long-term success. Just take a look at some of their campaigns on their website. For example, Bevis Gear’s Top Shelf Backpack raised over 1.2 million, and the Prepd Skillet raised just under an insane 3 million dollars!

If a frying pan can generate 3 million, what’s stopping you? Click here to get started with LaunchBoom.

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