Kickstarter Help for Inventors: Best Practices from MAKO Clients

Kickstarter Best Practices: Tips from Our Most Successful Clients

A few weeks ago, we talked about the core differences between Kickstarter and Indiegogo. With funding being an important aspect of your business, we shared how inventors and startups could raise capital through crowdfunding. We also talked about how both of them handle funding and fees to help you decide what’s the best option for you.

In addition to these considerations, it’s important to remember that simply making a campaign and setting it to go live isn’t enough. You’ll need to put some effort into your crowdfunding page to set yourself apart. Whether you go to a pro, like Launchboom, or do it yourself, we’ve listed out some great examples of funding successes to provide insight into leveraging Kickstarter as an inventor.



From Kickstarter all the way to Dragons’ Den (Canadian Shark Tank), this Nespresso-like chai machine has been a hit everywhere it’s made an appearance. What made their Kickstarter stand out? They also use GIF files!

Like the popular JPG and PNG file formats, GIFs are just another version of that. However, GIFs can also hold multiple images in a single file resulting in an animated image. Kind of like how claymation is done, but smoother, depending on how many image files are contained in the GIF. Unlike videos, GIFs don’t require a video player nor does it take much time to load.

Those looking for easy Kickstarter help for inventors should leverage GIFs in their campaigns. It’s how ChaiEasy was able to make their Kickstarter page much more dynamic. With the use of these GIFs, they could show off some great action shots and teach users how easy it is to make a great cup of chai. Since it takes no time at all for gifs to load, it’s an incredibly seamless and visually appealing viewing experience for the user.

Clasp Magic provides examples for Kickstarter help for inventors.

Clasp Magic

Everything you need to know about this device is in the name. Clasp Magic is a brilliantly simple device that attaches bracelets in seconds. Not only did they make this super clear in their campaign, they absolutely nailed their branding. Inventors looking for Kickstarter help should pay attention to how Clasp Magic elevates their branding.

Clasp Magic’s page has a delightful grace unfound on other Kickstarter pages. From top to bottom, the page is predominately pink and white, accented with beautiful pastel colors. This is juxtaposed by the silvery sheen of the bracelets that simply pop out against the other colors.

Every image is purposeful. Unique angles and detailed close-ups showcase the quality of the product. Additionally, they make great use of GIFs by including a timer to indicate how fast and easy it is to use the Clasp Magic. This visual consistency is a great example of branding.

It’s a key indicator that your brand is dependable and that you care about all aspects of your business. It also adds a depth of professionalism and quality that could separate your Kickstarter campaign from the rest. We can confidently say that it’s what helped Clasp Magic achieve its Kickstarter goal in just three days!



GoFish is an underwater camera that captures footage that helps users fish better. Not only is their page visual-heavy and leverages the appealing power of gifs, but they’re also extremely communicative on their Kickstarter platform. By the end of their campaign, they had a whopping 64 updates and 140 comments on their page.

Looking back, you could tell how much they appreciated each and every one of their backers and how much they loved engaging with them. Even for minor updates and upgrades, they could wait to share the good news with their supporters online.

When there were hiccups in the process, they immediately communicated their next steps with transparency to retain the support and confidence of their backers. Communication is a skill every business owner needs to have.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend reading this blog on how to manage customer relationships.

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