Cooking Invention Design in Austin: MAKO's Favorites in 2021!

MAKO’s Favorite Cooking Products in 2021 Part 1

Live to eat; not eat to live. Stuck indoors with not much to do, many of us tried our hand at cooking new recipes throughout the pandemic. Some of you gravitated towards Dalgona coffee, while others were drawn to the sourdough trend. Either way, many have come to realize one of two things. Either cooking might be your calling, or better not quit your nine-to-five. So this is a blog dedicated to cooking invention design in Austin. Whether you’re trying to upgrade your kitchen arsenal or trying to become a better cook, here are some of our favorites that may help you achieve just that.

Intellipan: cooking invention design in Austin


Our client’s cooking invention design in Austin helps cooks weigh what their cooking. This smart pan is perfect for those counting calories, working on portion control, or just trying to follow a recipe more accurately and efficiently. Rather than busting out the scale and weighing out your ingredients separately, you can now do it in one go with the Intellipan.

(There’s also the upside of fewer dishes too!)

The shell is a standard 10 inch, non-stick pan but it’s the handle where the magic happens. Near the top of the handle, where the handle meets the pan, is the weighing interface. The backlit LCD display shows the exact weight and the measurement of the food. Press the “Unit” button on the right to change the unit of measurement. Press the “Tare” button on the left to reset the scale to zero. As for the finishing touch, the matte handle is designed to reduce heat transfer from the pan to the handle. This cooking invention design is also flared at the end to help prevent accidentally sliding your hand down to the pan.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot Duo

You must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of this cooking invention design before. A favorite among college students, meal preppers, potluck goers, and busy families and professionals. It’s a seven-in-one pressure cooker that can also cook rice, slow cook, make yogurt, steams, sautés, and warms food. How does it work? The specialized lid creates a tight seal. A tight seal ensures steam and heat can’t escape from within the Instant Pot. As a result, the cooking temperature inside is much higher than the temperatures we’re accustomed to when cooking on the stovetop. Thanks to this method, you can now cook all your comforting favorites like brisket and pulled pork in a fraction of the time compared to traditional slow cookers. You can pick up this cooking invention design in three, six, and eight-quart sizes.

Butterup Knife

Butterup Knife

Oil and water. Toothpaste and oranges. Cold butter and toast. It can’t be helped, these things simply don’t play nice with one another. How many of you have shredded your toast by forcing stiff, cold butter to spread on the surface of your bread with a butter knife? I know I have. But worry no more! With the Butterup Knife, you can spread butter on your bread without fear of tearing it apart – even if the butter came straight out of the refrigerator! Notice the tiny gaps on the dull end of the knife? Drag the knife against the butter using that end to create smooth, thin, noodle-like strands of butter that are much easier to spread than a small chunk. Talk about a cooking invention design that fixes a problem worth solving!

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