MAKO Client's Stocking Stuffer Invention Ft. in COCOLILY Guide

MAKO Client Featured in COCOLILY & CO. Holiday Gift Guide

What never ceases to amaze me is how quickly winter holiday decorations replace Halloween ones in malls the second the clock strikes 12 on November 1st. In lockstep, stores hit the pause button on their regular music playlists in favour of Mariah Carey, Wham! and Michael Buble.

I’m sure many look forward to the excitement and magic of finding the perfect gifts for loved ones during the holidays. But some of us enjoy doing the shopping online in the comfort of our own homes.

Thankfully, there are great publications like COCOLILY & CO. that publish detailed gift guides to help us make informed decisions. The Ring Keeper, our client’s brilliantly simple stocking stuffer invention design, was featured in this year’s edition of their holiday gift guide!

stocking stuffer invention design: The Ring Keeper

Why Dhérèse’s Ring Keeper is the Perfect Stocking Stuffer Invention Design

Whether it’s at the gym, for work, or another activity, there are times when we need to take off our rings to get the job done right. And in those moments, we hastily stuff these pieces in our pockets or bags for safekeeping. only to forget where we put it, or worse, lose them. That’s why the folks over at COCOLILY & CO. love Dhérèse’s Ring Keeper! It’s a brilliantly simple invention design that solves the problem of misplacing or losing your ring and other small valuables!

Don’t let its size and beauty fool you, the Ring Keeper is small but mighty. The leather mini-case keeps your individual pieces safe and secure. It also features an anti-tarnish fabric lining with elasticated internal pockets. Prevent your rings and other precious pieces from scratches and other unwanted damage. The lobster clasp secures this invention design to your purse, keys, belt loops, or backpack. That way, you have the peace of mind that it’s always within arm’s reach. 

Want to make your gift extra special this holiday? Not only does the Ring Keeper come in three color options, but you can also customize it with a charm. The charm comes in gold, silver, or rose-gold finishes and can be engraved with a memorable date or a letter initial to personalize your gift and truly make it one of a kind.

You can buy this invention design from Dhérèse’s website!

The RIng Keeper


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