192: How to Build Communities Around a New Hardware Invention

192: Building Communities to Sell Hardware Products

September 7, 2023

With Lloyed Lobo, Co-Founder of Boast.AI

Hosted by Kevin Mako, President of MAKO Design + Invent

192: Building Communities to Sell Hardware Products

Lloyed Lobo is the co-founder of Boast.ai & Traction, boasting an impressive $100 million in funding, and the esteemed author of “From Grassroots To Greatness: 13 Rules to Forge Iconic Brands through Community-Led Growth”. He is here to impart invaluable insights to inventors, startups, and small-scale manufacturers. In this episode, Lloyed unveils the crucial stages of audience engagement, their profound impact on hardware product sales, and actionable tools to initiate immediate community-building efforts.

Here are the key takeaways from this episode:

  • Every obscure concept that evolves into a global sensation traverses four distinct phases.
  • Understand the progression from an audience to a cohesive community and eventually into a dedicated cult brand following.
  • Discover how to transform an obscure idea into a devoted cult brand by focusing on communication, creation, and unwavering consistency.
  • Embrace inbound marketing strategies to educate and engage your audience effectively.
  • Recognize that your audience evolves into a community when they come together around a shared purpose that transcends your product.
  • Foster an unyielding belief in your mission, as yesterday’s innovation can quickly become today’s commonplace, as seen by Nike, Harley, and Apple.
  • Cultivate a feedback loop that transforms customers into brand evangelists, driving organic growth.
  • Build a thriving community by adhering to six core values that unleash happy “CAMPERs” – Connection, Autonomy, Management, Purpose, Energy, and Recognition.
  • Identify your ideal customer profile to effectively target your community-building efforts.
  • Map out your circle of influence to discover the platforms where your potential community members congregate.
  • Choose the type of community you wish to create, be it a community of practice, product enthusiasts, or playful engagement.
  • Focus initially on building your audience, subsequently nurturing them into a thriving community.
  • Concentrate on acquiring email addresses as a key step in your journey to interact and engage with your audience effectively.

Episode Highlights

  • 4:37 – You become the sum of the 5 people around you. 
  • 4:57 – The three key learning points for success in this industry are 1) communication, 2) creation, and 3) consistency.
  • 5:24 – Consistency is the secret ingredient that turns small actions into big outcomes
  • 7:58 – The common link between every obscure idea that turned into a global phenomenon is community.
  • 8:53 – All of the big, successful brands today follow these 4 stages: 1) audience, 2) inspiring interaction to create a community, 3) movement, and 4) cult
  • 11:13 – The 6 core values to building a community using the CAMPER method
  • 13:47 – It is very important to understand your ideal customer profile from a positioning standpoint.
  • 14:10 – Draw out a circle of influence to better understand your audience and build a community
  • 14:45 – In the early stages of building your business, social proofing is everything
  • 15:00 – Figuring out what type of community you want to build based on these 3 structures: 1) practice, 2) product, or 3) play.
  • 15:29 – The framework to figuring out what kind of community to build is understanding your product-market fit
  • 16:48 – Maintaining mindshare – Ask yourself how you can immediately start gathering customer information to build a community that will withstand platform changes and trends.
  • 17:40 – Today’s biggest brands started with a small community, too, so don’t be deterred.
  • 17:50 – Compound interest on consistency is what is known as “overnight success”.
  • 18:08 – About Lloyed’s book “From Grassroots to Greatness”

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