201: How to List a New Product on Amazon to Maximize Sales

201: Product Listing Success on Amazon Marketplace

November 9, 2023

With Robb Green, Founder of Solving Alpha

Hosted by Kevin Mako, President of MAKO Design + Invent

201: Product Listing Success on Amazon Marketplace
201: Product Listing Success on Amazon Marketplace

Robb Green is the founder of Solving Alpha, a company with dozens of products and multiple product brands on Amazon that also acquires other Amazon brands. He also hosts the I’m The One Podcast to help people migrate to the world of entrepreneurship. Today, Robb is going to share valuable knowledge for inventors, startups, and small manufacturers on the importance of properly planning for an Amazon product launch, the technical aspects of an Amazon listing, and how to succeed in launching and growing your product sales on the Amazon marketplace platform.

Here are the key takeaways from the episode:

  • Preparing your listing to have success.
  • Amazon wants new products, and they want successful new consumer products.
  • Amazon is just a marketplace/catalogue.
  • Prepare your Amazon listing in advance.
  • How to capture eyeballs.
  • The main image is the most important thing, then the title, then a decision to make a click into your listing.
  • Stack images on Amazon, then work on amassing reviews, then add your story.
  • Write for the algorithm, but also write for the story to sell the customer.
  • Indexing on Amazon. Does Amazon find you relevant for a particular keyword?
  • Ranking on Amazon. This is how to get the sell-through (conversion rate) and click-through rate.
  • The better you perform over your competitors, the higher your product will rank.
  • Amazon ads buy you visibility on the platform, but it also gives you data.
  • You just need to be slightly better than an alternative product to achieve listing success on Amazon Marketplace.
  • These improvements on your ads will stack onto each other.
  • Search query performance data.
  • Constantly improve your keywords by doing research.
  • Product opportunity explorer. 
  • The product matters a lot, especially for reviews, but also quality matters in the long term for ratings.
  • There are a lot of garbage products on Amazon, so it is easy to compete quickly.

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