Inventions You’ll Definitely Need During Canada Day and the Fourth of July

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A new month is upon us! July comes with great weather, great events and two very big holidays, Canada Day and the 4th of July! Both days have huge significant importance since they mark the day that both countries became countries. Because of this, everyone goes out to celebrate and partake in a lot of different activities. Whether its with family or friends, everyone typically spends the whole day outdoors, enjoying festivities. Although both days are a lot of fun, being outdoors for so long can get tiring, especially if you’re constantly walking! To prepare you for these exciting days, we’ve listed some the newest innovations in outdoor product inventions for Canada Day and the Fourth of July that everyone should have with them.

The Number One Outdoor Product Invention

It goes without mention that the quintessential outdoor product invention that everyone should have while spending the day outdoors in the summer, is a constant source of hydration – which is why a water bottle is crucial to have on hand. Even if you think it’ll be easy to get a refreshment once you’re outdoors, you’ll be surprised to find that because of the amounts of people outside, long lines are susceptible to any food or drink place, and waiting in sun is just as hard as walking. The Beat Bottle is a perfect bottle to carry around with you because of its amazing design. Unlike other water bottles, this water bottle has a special compartment that allows you stash your phone or wallet in! This is a super helpful feature to have as being in crowded places with a bag makes it more susceptible to either losing things as they fall out, or even worse stolen. Have your phone or wallet inside your water bottle will makes sure you know that everything is in one place and will also give you quick access to your most needed items.

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The Most Needed Invention for Canada Day and the Fourth of July

It wouldn’t be an outdoor holiday if sunscreen wasn’t somehow included! It’s always important to remember that while you’re outside spending long hours in the sun, sunscreen is a much-needed invention for Canada Day and the Fourth of July. Covering yourself in a high SPF is crucial so that you don’t burn and protect your skin for the harmful rays of the sun. Applying sunscreen shouldn’t be so hard, but if you happen to be wearing makeup, applying sunscreen to the face could be a problem. A new and innovative solution to this problem is to use an SPF that doesn’t need to be rubbed into the skin, and beauty company ‘Super Goop’ has created this much needed outdoor product invention. Rather than a traditional sun cream, Super Goop developed a mineral setting powder that includes SPF in it, making it super helpful to not only apply SPF hourly as recommended, but to also touch up makeup (and you’ll definitely need to if you’re walking outside in the sun all day!). This product would also work perfect for kids who hate the sensation of applying sun cream on as the powder is light and requires little work to set into the skin!

The Most Innovative Development in the Classic Backpack Design

No matter the activity, carrying a backpack will be super helpful if you plan on spending your Canada day or fourth of July outdoors. This outdoor product invention will work perfectly if you plan on going hiking or walking around festivities in the city. Rather than settling for a regular backpack that can cause shoulder or backache, The Wolffepack Backpack is the newest backpack with an extremely innovative twist to its design. The Wolffepack Backpack features a “control handle” in which 3 cords are linked into the structured frame of the backpack and secured into the locking system. This then allows the backpack to rotate and move around the body so that its contents are easily accessible from any position, without taking off the bag at all! This is a super helpful feature to have as crowded areas can get hard to maneuver in, and having an easy access to you bag by easily bringing it to the front of you can save time and hassle of having to manually remove your bag from your shoulders. Not only a great invention for Canada Day and the Fourth of July but will also be perfect for school and day-to-day life!

The backpack is a classic design and product that is constantly being reinvented to be able to maximize its best capabilities, to see how this popular product has been re-invented before, our previous blog has all the details you’ll need!

A Unique Twist to One of the Most Famous Outdoor Product Inventions

If you’re someone who relies on the weather forecast, you’ve probably encountered the multiple times where sometimes the weather can be completely different than how its supposed to turn out. Nonetheless, if you plan on spending your whole day outdoors, it’s better to be prepared for the unexpected, which in this case, would be rain! Keeping an umbrella on you would save you the misfortune of having to walk around and getting drenched on, especially if you happen to get caught in the pouring summer rain. The UnBRELLA is an a new concept to the outdoor product invention, umbrellas, where the whole design is the opposite of the traditional design of a regular umbrella. In this product, the UnBRELLA’s design is brilliant since because its design is modeled to be inside out, after you’re done using it closing it will keep the wet surface inside, keeping it dry and out of the way of you and everyone else. Additionally, when you close it, you can set It down without the need of an umbrella stand!

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If you have a great new invention and you’d like to learn more about this process, get in touch with MAKO here and visit our website to find out more. Feel free to give us a call at 1-888-MAKO and we can set you up on a call with our product analyst!

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

Article Author: MAKO Design + Invent

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